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The World News Network is a network designed to globalize the news on the world. Its headquarters is in Rome, Italy.


Recent News

  • Istanbul, Ottoman Empire: UN forces are sent to mediate the current crisis between Iran and the Ottoman Empire.
  • Athens, Ottoman Empire: A bomb explosion on the main Ottoman mosque on Athens kills over 200 people.
  • Santiago, United Republic of South America: A total eclipse occurs over much of the Pacific Ocean and South America
  • Nuova Firenze, East African Federation: A series of bomb attacks on Nuova Firenze kill over 70 people
  • Johannesburg, South African Republic: The 2010 FIFA World Cup concludes with Spain defeating the Netherlands 1-0 on the final, getting their first World Cup.
  • Barcelona, Spain: A series of revolts for more autonomy of Catalonia in Spain. Over 1 million people revolt
  • Mohmand Agency, Pakistan: A suicide attack on the Mohmand Agency, Pakistan, kills 104 people and injures more than 100 others.
  • Spain: Heat wave on Europe maintains eleven Spanish provinces on high alert.

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