This is the page for the World News Network, provides coverage for all you need to know about current events affecting your country. 

Current Year: 2014 


7/06/86: Restoration of the Prussian Monarchy Considered - BERLIN, Possibilities of restoring the Prussian Royal Family have arisen in the Reichstag by pro-monarchist groups.

4/5/86: Soviet-US relations decay - WASHINGTON DC, Soviet-US relations have decayed due to the Yugoslavian terrorist attacks and Chinese crisis, Premier Gorbachev and President Regan met in Moscow to discuss peace talks and to stop the Cold War. They both left the Kremlin with the talks being described by one Soviet reporter: 'Unsuccsessful and have made the current situation worse' 

6/06/84: Ethnic tensions in Yugoslavia are rising - SARAJEVO, Tensions between the numerous ethnic and political groups are at an all time high after a bombing attempt in a few months ago. 

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