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With Africa and Europe already under his rule, Himmler is convinced stopping to fix some "minor things" would be a grand folly. He sends the German war machine to Japan through the Soviet Union, who were persuaded with five hundred kilograms of Gold, to help the Japanese Empire, and not a moment too soon! The Japanese had lost nearly every territory they had in the Pacific, and Tokyo was taken by US forces just last week, though Hokkaido was made the Capital afterwards by the fleeing emperor. The Germans arrive just before the final invasion of Hokkaido, and are abel to repel American forces southwards, eventually splitting the nation in half--with Toyama and Nagano serving as the North-South borders. Himmler wishes to press on, but several of his generals, particularly Erwin Rommel and Franz Halder, state that it is a lost cause, and that no amount of German troops will stop the Americans. While Himmler does not know whether or not the Americans have invented the Atomic bomb yet, but Heinz Guderian urges him to preemptively nuke several American territories, in the Pacific and otherwise.

What does Himmler do?

Jazon Naparleon 04:12, August 13, 2010 (UTC)

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