List of States, sovereign nation and general territories.


Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Population
Flag of Saint Helena St. Helena Jamestown English


Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Population
Flag of Anhui GNW Anhui  ? Chinese
Flag of Manchuria GNW Manchuria  ? Manchurian & Chinese
Flag of Mongolia Mongolia  ? Mongolian
Flag of the Philippines (navy blue) Philippines Baguio City Filipino?
Flag of Tibet Tibet  ? Tibetan & Chinese
Flag of Turkey Turkey Istanbul Turkish
Flag of the Republic of China Republic of China  ? Chinese
Flag of Sichuan GNW Sichuan  ? Chinese
Kokbayraq flag Uyghuristan Ürümqi Uyghur
Flag of the Pearl Delta Zhusanjiao Hong Kong Chinese


Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Population
Flag of Crimea SSR Red Sun Crimea Yalta Ukrainian and Russian
Flag of Denmark Denmark Aarhus Danish
Flag of Finland Finland Helsinki Finnish
Flag of Iceland Iceland Reykjavik Icelandic
Flag of Ireland Ireland Dublin Irish, English
Flag of Italy Italian Republic Turin Italian and French
Flag of Liechtenstein Lichtenstein Vaduz French and German
Flag of Monaco Monaco Monaco French and Italian
Flag of Norway Norway Oslo Norwegian
Flag of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (1816) Republic of the Holy United Crown Naples Italian, Neapolitan and Apulian
Flag of the Vatican City Roman Republic Perugia Italian
Flag of Saar (1947–1956) Saarland Saarbrucken German and French
Flag of San Marino San Marino San Marino Italian
Flag of the Italian region Sardinia Sardinia Cagliari Italian and Sardinian
Sicilian Flag Sicily Palermo Italian and Sicilian
Flag of Scotland Scotland  ? Gaelic, Scots
Flag of Sweden Sweden Stockholm Swedish
Flag of Switzerland (Pantone) Switzerland Bern German, Italian and French
Flag of Austria Austria Linz German and Italian
Flag of Tuscany Tuscany Florence Italian
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom Birmingham English
Flag of Most Serene Republic of Venice Most Serene Republic of Venice Venice Italian and Venetian
Flag of Wales Wales Pembroke Irish, English

North America

Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Population
ClanChovalaFlag Axeland Bad Axe English
Flag of California Big Bear Fawnskin English
Flag of Canada (Mondo de Scopatore) Canadian Provisional Republic Vancouver English
StateCollegeFlag Central Pennsylvania State College English
No flag Evansville Evansville English
Flag of Canada Kent Lambton Chatham English, Quebecois French
Kingdom of Owen Flag Kingdom of Owen Shepard English, Welsh
Flag of Maine Maine Augusta English
Flag of Liberia Muskingum Marieta English
NewMemphisFlag New Memphis Memphis English
180px-800px-Bonnieblue svg North Florida Tallahassee English
NorthOhioFlag North Ohio Sandusky English
Flag of Acadia Pontchartrain Free Zone Slidell English, Louisiana French Flag of Afghanistan (1880–1901) Black Army
Confederate Rebel Flag Rome Rome English KKK-Flag Klu Klux Klan
South Carolina Flag (Federalist Failure) St. Helena Protectorate Charleston English Flag of Afghanistan (1880–1901) Black Army Administered by the Black Army
Texas Flag TWB Texas San Antonio English, Spanish
Flag of Trenton, New Jersey Trenton Trenton English
Flag of the West Indies Federation West Indies Federation Port of Spain English, Spanish
NewYonkersFlag New Yonkers New Yonkers English

South America

Nation Capital Language(s) Organisation Notes Population
Flag of the Falkland Islands Falkland Islands Stanley English

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