1990: After the elections, Germany cancels its planned manned mission to the Asteroid Belt. The Logos are disappointed.

1992: Olympic Games in Paradies (OTL Rio de Janeiro).

May 1993: Singer Anjaka rises to the top of the charts with her new album.

June 1993: The newest fad: Clothes which change the color.


1990: China and Germany sign the VAR (Vertrag zur Abrüstung der Raketenarsenale - treaty about disarmament of rocket arsenals), starting to scrap their nuclear weapons.

1991: First former military base for nuclear weapons closed.

June 1993: The Chinese court gossips about the discord between the emperor and his adoptive son. It seems that for the first time in the history of the adoptive emperors, the emperor might rethink his choice for succession.

Socialist Block

1991: Britain celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Socialist Revolution.

1992: The German Socialists start to install a lot of mini-cameras and bugs in public places to surveil the population even more and find out possible troublemakers. Unfortunately, after a few weeks things turn out awry - they'd have to arrest at least 10% of the people, and the speech recognition software still has mistakes.

July 1993: A corruption scandal in Greece leads to big protests in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Canada and Pacific

1990: San Raiden Akiyama founds a new resistance group, called "Sōka Gakkai" (Value-Creation Society), among the Nipponese in Indonesia. (The title "San" is used similarly as Spanish "Don" among Nipponese, as is the custom to put the personal name before the family name, caused by the strong Spanish influence.)

1991: Explosion of OTL Mount Pinatubo, Philippines. China wants to send helpers, which Canada forbids for the fear that they might come for other purposes.

1992: The Olympic committee decides to celebrate the Olympic Games of 1996 in Fort Knox (OTL Singapore). This further complicates the conflict between China and Canada (and thus, indirectly, Germany).

Atlantean Chaos

1991: Confederation between California and Mexico breaks apart again. Many people blame the Germans for it, although this time they're wrong.

1992: Race riots in Roma Nuova.

1993: Jacques "le Duc" Jessamy is elected first black premier of Louisiane. This leads to diplomatic conflicts with Italia Nuova.

Russian / Eastern European Chaos

1990: Various Balcan states start talking about closer cooperation (it's the third time after World War II that they try - until now, their plan always failed).

1991: "The quiet before the storm": Nothing special happens during this year, but the Russians suspect that something might happen soon.

1992: War between Choresm and an alliance of several Uralian, western Siberian and Volga statelets breaks out. Although the Russians have the stronger military and highly motivated soldiers, they have to fight with the problem that during the war several statelets change sides or otherwise sabotage the Russian coalition's efforts.

Indian Chaos

1991: Cyclone hits Bangladesh, killing more than 100,000 people.

1992: Indian groups resist China trying to win influence in the heavily populated Ganges valley. Even Germany supports them, saying that "China's influence mustn't cross either the Volga or the Ganges".

1993: A young Indian Logo (and follower of Chandramoorthy) becomes famous (although only his first name, Shekhar, is known to the public) when he hacks the computer of the mayor of Goa and publishes the information (very effectively, using all the electronic billboards of the city), so the mayor has to resign under the pressure of the public, and the city subsequently joins the South Indian confederation (a group of small states in Southern and Central India more or less dominated by the network of Chandramoorthy's followers). Although the full story is more complicated, he is hailed as if he single-handedly brought down the unpopular government.

African Chaos

1990: German ships are attacked by Socialist pirates coming from Inhambane (OTL Mozambique). The Germans are in sorrow because it seems that the "Red Piracy" now spread to East Africa too.

1991: "Greater Somalia" proclaimed at the Horn of Africa.

1993: Matthew "Good Luck" Igali, son of a canteen staff woman working in Britain, returns to his home in OTL Nigeria and takes power, forming a Socialist republic. Germany immediately interferes to topple him, but he can hold out so far.

Middle Eastern Chaos

1990: Socialist agents caught by officials of Italian North Africa when trying to smuggle arms to radical Muslim insurrectionists.

1992: Greater Judea abolishes the restrictions placed on the Irish-Catholic church until then.

June 1993: The biggest dam at river Tigris in Mesopotamia is destroyed by suicide attackers, leading to a great flood along the river, several hundred thousand dead people and chaos in the whole region.

The crisis

13. 7. 1993: Akiyama's group kidnaps a plane (an old-fashioned model without AI), flies to Shanghai, knowing that the emperor is there. The plane hits the summer palace, killing the emperor, several hundred members of the staff, the seven kidnappers and the passengers and the crew of the plane.

14. 7. 1993: Akiyama presents a video message to the world, claiming the responsibility for the attack on Shanghai and protests against the Chinese occupation of Nippon.

Later that day: The new emperor (the fifth adoptive one) is furious. For the beginning, several responsible air controllers and air force officers are executed "for neglecting their duties". But this is just the beginning.

Even later that day: Various interest groups associated with the flight industry suggest a law that makes an AI controller for airplanes mandatory, which is fervently discussed by the public.

15. 7. 1993: The new emperor demands from Canada that they allow the Chinese police, which he wants to be supported by the military, to search for bases of Sōka Gakkai in the Indies. Although Canada agrees with most of the demands, they don't accept Chinese troops on Commonwealth soil.

Later that day: The defense condition of the Chinese occupation troops in Nippon is pushed up to the highest level save for open war. The troops start to crack down on any Nipponese even distantly appearing suspicious.

16. 7. 1993: Some generals and bureaucrats who want to win the emperor's favor demand that not only Canada shall allow the Chinese army to search in Indonesia for Akiyama's followers, but also demand the return of the OTL Philippines to China.

Later that day: The emperor orders that a special task force (with strong AI and nanotech components) is made ready for the search after Akiyama's group.

17. 7. 1993: Canadian government declares that while they're willing to search Indonesia to find the culprits, they definitely exclude the possibility of Chinese military on the ground of Canada's commonwealth members, or reducing their influence in the area around China in any other way.

Later that day: To confuse the situation, the Taoiseach of Tir Tairngire and the Irish-Catholic pope protest against the imperialism of the superpowers (and thus, against the German presence in western Antipodia [OTL Australia]).

18. 7. 1993: Oberster Technokrat Slezak declares that he (and thus, Germany) firmly sides with Canada.

Later that day: The special task force for the raid on Sōka Gakkai has been assembled in China and is officially ready to strike.

19. 7. 1993: Raiden Akiyama presents another video message, claiming that his group is ready to undertake further strikes against China. The emperor immediately orders to mobilize the army to guard China's (and its satellites') borders.

Later that day: Canadian soldiers in Fort Knox observe that China has mobilized its nanoswarms. Canada immediately starts to do the same, just in case.

Meanwhile in Nippon, more than hundred thousand people have been interned by the Chinese, and there have been at least several hundred dead. Unfortunately, among the interned are also the Nipponese relatives of some influential Germans.

20. 7. 1993: Germany starts to mobilize its troops. Their men (and AIs) on (and in) the computers closely observe the Weltsystem for Chinese activities; their nanoswarms are also activated.

Later that day: The Chinese emperor demands that Germany and Canada undo their mobilization and repeats his demands that the Chinese task force may search for Sōka Gakkai in the Indies. Germany and Canada are willing to demobilize if China does the same, but otherwise keep their position. Plus, they want a better treatment for the mentioned Nipponese.

Even later that day: Near Kamchatka, a German and a Chinese nanoswarm clash. Fortunately, thanks to a Sinophile Russian helper of the Germans the situation can be kept under control. But the message is passed on on both sides, and all the militaries fear that the next incident may lead to World War III.

Chaos TL in blocks
Earlier in time:

World 1980-1990



Later in time:

World 1993-

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