1900s: The relations between the Germanys and the New Roman Empire cool down, for an end of slavery in the latter isn't in sight. (Italy proper has abolished slavery, but even after the end of transatlantic slave trade, there's enough inner-imperial slave trade in Roman Atlantis and North Africa left, plus the more discrete slave trade with its neighbors Songhay and Braseal until recently.)

German movie studios from the Atlantean East Coast discover the city Paradies (OTL Rio de Janeiro) as a location, making it a center of movie productions (esp. adventurous movies).

Italians start to drill for oil in the deserts of Libia and Algeria, to support their new car industry.

1900: Olympic Games in the German capital of Dresden. There's an eclat overshadowing the games when the German visitors boo the Russian teams.

While the New Romans celebrate their new century, Chandramoorthy's followers set up the first school, having translated European works.

1902: Three volcano explosions in Atlantis. (OTL Mount Pelée in Martinique, Santamaría in Guatemala, and Soufrière in St Vincent.)

1902-07: Germany easily picks up the many small states the kingdom of Songhay disintegrated into.

1904: Olympic Games in Paris. Again, the Games are sadly disturbed when a radical tries to assassinate old emperor Ludovico.

1905: The new Chinese emperor dies; being a great admiror of the New Roman Empire, he ruled that every emperor has to adopt a successor - relatives are explicitly ruled out.

Chandramoorthy's followers set up the first school in his old home city Puducherry.

1906: Great Earthquake in Novorossiysk (OTL San Francisco - the Germans also call it Franzensburg), capital of the republic of Northern California, independent since anti-Russian War and with a mixed population of Germans and Russians. The shrewd Kanzler of German Atlantis, Alfred Kleiber, sends troops to "restore order" and "build up the destroyed city", effectively making the republic a satellite. The republic of Novorossiya, which had had similar plans, but couldn't send enough troops over the Pacific in the short time given, protests. Germany (in Europe) sides with its Atlantean counterpart.

1908: An earthquake and tsunami kill 70,000 in Messina.

Olympic Games in Nanjing.

Chandramoorthy's philosophy starts to spread to (culturally different) Northern India.

1908, June 29th: A meteorite (most probable) hits near Tunguska, Novorossiya.

1909: Prince Ludovico of Occitania - designated successor of his father - dies. The New Roman empire mourns for him. Behind the scenes, members of the imperial family (including that of former emperor Benedetto, and the Spanish Monteleón family), the government, the bureaucracy, and the court try to influence the emperor about his decision about the new successor.

1910: Gold Rush in Alyeska. Many Canadians also cross the border. Newspapers all over the world write articles comparing the situation to Northern California. The danger of a war becomes apparent.

Shayna Löwenpferd born in Marseille. Her father is the owner of a small, not-too-well doing antique shop, her mother a teacher for mathematics.

1910, July 16th: Emperor Ludovico dies, and again the New Roman empire is shook up. Many people in its government wonder whether the empire is in danger, as the new emperor, Ludovico's grandson Alessandro II, is far less talented than his grandfather. Many also criticize that the emperor broke the principle of adoption, but this party couldn't succeed in making him rethink his decision.

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