East Asia

1864: Calcutta cyclone, 60,000 victims.

1867: Hong China takes Tungning (OTL Taiwan) and Hainan, lands troops in the South of China. The mainland Chinese don't want the old dynasty back, however.

1869: Chandramoorthy born in Puducherry. His family is in the traders' caste.

1872-79: Novorossiya invades China, takes Beijing, brings the north under its control. The rest of China is divided among warlords.

1874: Canadians land in Java, claim the Spice Islands.

1876, October 31st: Bakarganj Cyclone in India - more than 200,000 dead.

1876-80: When Vijayanagar falls into Civil War, emperor Ludovico decides to interfere. Since the first contact 75 years ago, Italians have learned Indian languages, advised local rulers and trained Indians. Now they can use their knowledge to bring the land under their control, making half of India a New Roman protectorate. Indians who resist are shipped to Braseal. By playing out the various groups against each other, the Empire can keep "the most valuable jewel in the crown" under control. Over the decades, Indian soldiers are transplanted into other parts of the Empire.

1877: In the Vijayanagar Civil War, Chandramoorthy's parents are killed. He has to live on the street, joins the other street kids.

1879: Canada allies with Hong China, slowly brings OTL Philippines under its control.

After his gang leader is killed in the Civil War, Chandramoorthy becomes new leader of his gang. In the next years, he expands the gang and allies with other kid gangs.

Muslim world

1860s: Shi'ite uprisings in Persia bring the Pashtun dynasty in trouble. On the map still a great power, people can see now that the Persian Shahdom has become hollow.

1865-69: With emperor Ludovico doing negotiations, the two Russias, New Rome, various Indian princes, European Germany and Judea ally to fight the Anti-Persian War. The Negev, Aqaba and Petra are ceded to the Jewish protectorate; Delhi, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia and Aden to New Rome; Madagascar and East Africa around the capital Zanzibar to the Germans; Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and North Persia to Russia. Palestine gets a special status; Hejaz and Oman become independent. Shi'ite Persia (+ Afghanistan, southern Mesopotamia) survives as a rump state.

1870s: In occupied Persia, the "New Assassins" (a zealot-like group of conspirators opposed to the Christian powers) start to form.

Russian lands

1860: All literate peasants in Novorossiya owning land get the right to vote in elections. The countryside has a representation for the first time, after the country was dominated by the cities for centuries.

1864: After emperor Ludovico has met the Czar of South Russia and even married one of his daughters to a prince in Kiev, South Russia and New Rome ally against the Muslim powers, Persia and the Seljuk Jumhuriya.

1870s: The first Water Power Plants are built along Russia's mighty rivers.

1878: Hungarian government is toppled by local Socialist revolutionaries, after which Germany interferes. From now on, Hungary is in the German camp.

1879: Novorossiya uses the opportunity to reclaim/-annex Finland and Estonia in Scandinavia.


1860s: Industrial revolution changes the face of continental Europe and North Atlantis. The products made soon exceed British wares in quality and price, although the Socialist government had to lower prices already.

1860/61: First French-Roman War. France has to cede Savoy and Nice to New Rome, let Andalusia and Portugal leave its sphere of influence. The Andalusians soon accept the charismatic Ludovico as emperor.

1863: One Monteleón prince of the royal Spanish family (who was imprisoned after the New Roman conquest of Morocco) accepts emperor Ludovico's offer to become new king of Andalusia.

1870s: Socialist government restarts piracy to make up for the loss of money from exports. German, French, Canadian and New Roman ships are attacked and plundered. This leads to a great anti-Socialist sentiment in these states, especially in Germany, which makes advocates for a responsible welfare policy there practically outcasts. Still, many workers join the Socialist cause.

1872-74: Second French-Roman War. All of Catalonia ceded to New Rome, Castille also changes into New Roman camp. Toledo declared Second Capital of New Roman Empire. Basque lands stay French.

In this war, Indian soldiers were used by New Rome for the first time in a European war.

1875: After Castille was lost by the French, the king of Andalusia becomes new king of Castille; the kingdom of Andalusia goes to the oldest son of former emperor Benedetto. Catalonia, however, becomes another kingdom under emperor Ludovico's eldest son, as a kind of training ground for him. His father advises him to build up the Catalonian identity in contrast to Castille and France.

1877: Emperor Ludovico has the Castillians attack the Portuguese republic, making it another New Roman satellite.

1878: After its conquest by Castille/New Rome, Portugal becomes a kingdom under another Monteleón prince.

1879: In the Scandinavian elections, a coalition of Social Democrats, Socialists and left republicans gains the majority. Germany fears the Socialist threat, invades, topples the king and makes Scandinavia a satellite republic.

The British Socialists interfere, occupy nearby Färöer islands, and Iceland. Greenland is annexed by Canada.


1861: First Transatlantean railroad finished in German Atlantis.

1862: Tom Liverpool flees from Britain to Canada, settles in Kingsburgh, becoming one of the world's most famous inventors.

1863-68: New Roman Empire builds Nicaragua Canal.

1868: Over 25,000 people killed in New Roman Chile by Tsunami.

1870s: Anti-slavery movement takes influence on government in German Atlantis (and to some lesser extent in Canada). This will lead to detoriating relations to Guinea, Braseal and later even New Rome.

1870: Braseal (used by New Rome as an exile colony for all kinds of resistors - Italian republicans, French and Spanish monarchists and nationalists, Inca nobles, anti-Imperial Catholics and other Christian minorities, Arab and Berb resistors, ordinary criminals, separatists of all kinds, defeated Indians) rises against New Roman Empire. Emperor Ludovico decides to grant them independence, and they go in peace. Given the ethnic mix of Braseal (there are descendants of the original English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish settlers; of French, Spaniards, Italians, Portuguese, Catalanians, Basques and Bretons; of Arabs and Berbs, both slaves and free people; of Mexicans, Quechua and other native Atlanteans; of exiled Indians; and of black slaves of many different West African people), nobody expects anything but chaos to develop out of it. Indeed, the country falls into civil war; in the cities, the various ethnics street- and housefight each other, while on the countryside, every latifundia owner becomes a little king, and many slaves flee into the jungle.

1871: Germans in Argentinien construct "Der Zaun" (the Fence), a barbed wire fence along the border to Braseal, fearing that violence could swap over to them.

1872: Earthquake in OTL Owens Valley.

1873: A French man named Louis Philippe (in Braseal French: Lui Filip) in New London (later called Novolondon - OTL Salvador) who claims to be the heir of the French and Spanish royal families and can even present some of the (real!) French and Spanish crown jewels is declared king/emperor of Braseal, although his followers only control parts of the later capital.

1874: The German population of Argentinien has grown enough that the country gains self-government.

1876: After defeating the Italian and Muslim bands of the capital, Lui Filip takes control of the whole province.

1880: Lui Filip controls one third of the coast of Braseal.


1866: Canada takes control of Hawaii.

1867: Canadian ironclads easily destroy the weaker navy of New Albion, take control of most Pacific islands. Now New Albion (which kings still claim Britain and other lands in Europe and the rest of the world are rightfully theirs) is finally reduced to an insignificant, anachronistic kingdom at the end of the world.

1872: Songhay empire falls apart in a Civil War.

1878: German-Atlantean anti-slavery activists take Arguim, a Portuguese slave trading post in Africa. One after another, the others fall too.

1880: Germany takes control of Swedish colonies in Australia.

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World 1840-1860



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World 1880-1900

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