East Asia

1801: Novorossiya makes a treaty with the new emperor of China regarding their common border.

1802: Hong China (on OTL Taiwan, Philippines, we remember) makes an alliance with Britain.

1804-15: In a longer war, China kicks out the SE Asians from its South again and also reconquers the Sinicized Annam, Ava (N Burma), Lan Xang (Laos) and Lannathai (N Thailand). After this, the country has to recover, however.

1805: Italy sends diplomats to Pegu (S Burma), supports them with arms against China. Similar treaties with Thailand, Champa and Khmer follow.

1815, April 10th - 15th: Eruption of Tambora volcano. "Year without summer" follows.

Muslim world

1800-06: Persia makes war against Vijayanagar again, unsuccessfully. The latter ones are supported by Italy.

1813-15: South Russia attacks Rum-Seljuks, takes Bulgaria. Now all the Southern Slavs are liberated from Seljuk rule.

1815: After the lost war, the Seljuk sultan loses practically all real power.

1818-20: Italy conquers Egypt, which is done by general Alessandro Napoleoni from Sardinia.

Russian lands

Early in 19th century: Idea of Panslavism starts to spread.

1806: Novorossiya and South Russia (Kiev) attack Poland, take the former Russian lands of Turov-Pinsk and Halicz-Volhyn back. Poland east of the Vistula stays occupied.

1809-14: Novorossiya fights Choresm, takes its northern parts, including Sinkiang area. Choresm also has to pay tribute.

1820: Number of Rurikid princes in South Russia has fallen below 10.


1801: After anti-French uprisings in Andalusia, Britain and Morocco attempt a landing in Spain, which the French still defeat.

1802: First bigger anti-French uprising in a German state, in Switzerland. Although the cities and plains can be brought under control, the more resilient population in the high mountains of the Alps and the Black Forest can't be stopped. French react pragmatically this time, leaving the mountain people to themselves and have the Swiss government accept the loss of taxes.

1809: Since the British Royal Family has acquired the claims for most German electorates, Humphrey V is elected unofficial Holy Roman Emperor. Not even the French Republican government cares much, even less the Germans, but a lot of money is spent on the coronation, which uses the old German rituals, although they have become criticized as pointless for at least a century in Germany itself before the HRE ended.

1810: Britain tries again to support an anti-French uprising in Asturia, which the French suppress again.

1816: Ludwig VIII of Austria dies, state is united with Hungary.

1818: German uprising against France. Rhine bridges destroyed, French troops in Germany cut off and overwhelmed by German revolutionaries. France has to let the Germans go, but keeps the Netherlands and the Rhineland. Switzerland also stays a satellite.


Early 1800s: In German Atlantis, the two main political parties ("Die Freien" - "The Free Ones", and "Die Gleichen" - "The Equal Ones") emerge. They give each other the nicknames "Die Nackten" ("the naked ones", implying they have no shame) and "Die Blinden" ("the blind ones", accusing them being blind for reality).

Anti-slavery movement starts to rise in German Atlantis, later spreads to Canada, even later to Argentinien.

1804: Italy conquers Cuba.

1811/12: Three earthquakes in North Atlantis during short time.

1812: Italy conquers Florida, now uniting all of OTL Old South.

1813: Canadian Revolutionary War begins, for the Canadians feel that they have to pay too many taxes for the never-ending, unsuccessful wars in Europe and are too suppressed.

1814: Most Canadian harbors occupied by Britain.

1816: Kingsburgh (OTL Montreal) besieged by Brits.

1817: Young people (esp.) in German Atlantis join Canadians fighting Britain, being more pro-republic than their indifferent parents.

1820: Second siege of Kingsburgh.


Early 1800s: Ashanti expand north, to Black Volta river.

1804: Igbira unite with Nupe.

1809: Wa conquer Loba.

1811: Ashanti conquer Sekondi-Takoradi.

1815: Igbira conquer Ibo.

1817: Baoule conquer Agno with Abe help.

1820: Ho conquered by Lomé.

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World 1775-1800



Later in time:

World 1820-1840

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