East Asia

1725-75: Time of crisis in China: Their former tributaries broke away, the country stagnates - as is criticized, despite of the lack of real enemies.

1728: France takes Sri Lanka.

1731: France founds the Indochinese League with Bengal, Pegu, Thailand, Khmer, Champa and Melaka.

1734-41: Spice Islands War. Britain fights Majapahit and some of the small kingdoms in Indonesia. Finally they win, but this makes them unable to interfere in the continental affairs.

1737: Calcutta cyclone.

1738: Swedes take Sri Lanka, after defeating a stronger French fleet surprisingly.

1740-44: Open war between the alliance of Novorossiya and Corea against Nippon. Novorossiya occupies the small islands in the Nipponese Sea, Corea takes Kyushu.

Muslim world

1725-32: Egypt rises against Seljuk rule. Finally, sultan Kilij Arslan VI gives in and allows Egypt to transform into an allied, tribute-paying but otherwise independent sultanate.

1730-41: Third Choresmian Civil War. Muhammad VI wages war against his father Arslan V, finally topples him.

1739: Uprising of the Albanians against Seljuk rule begins.

1741-46: Second Italian-Russian Seljuk War. The Rum-Seljuks lose again. Albania becomes an Italian protectorate, Georgia (excluding Armenia) becomes associated with South Russia, and the Cyrenaica becomes Italian too.

After this defeat, the conservative military finally gives up the resistance against its modernization.

1749: Madagascar War between Sweden and Persia. Persia takes the island.

Russian lands

1726-29: Border war between Novorossiya and Muslim Choresm.

1731: The first commercial telegraph line is made between Yenisseisk and nearby (20 verst, about as many km) Pavlovskoye. Despite the difficult climate of Novorossiya, the new invention spreads through the country and transforms it.

1732-34: Despite of the king's policy of religious tolerance, there's an uprising in Hungarian-occupied Serbia and Bosnia. News of these accidents reach Russia, whose sympathies are at the rebels' side.

~1735-50: Many new newspapers founded in Novorossiya.

1747: Uprisings against the Czar of Vladimir-Suzdal start after he tries to increase his power.

Central Europe

1735: Ludwig XVIII, last Wittelsbach duke of the Rhine Palatinate, dies without heir. It's not completely clear whether France or Bavaria'll get it. New emperor Heinrich IX of Brandenburg lets the French unmisunderstandably know that he won't tolerate them taking it.

1736-42: Palatinate War of Succession. Although the German and Swedish-Dutch armies can't defeat the French armies, when Spain and Britain threaten France, peace is made. The Palatinate goes neither to France nor Bavaria, but to a grandson of the Bourbon king of Hungary. In case he and his brother will die without heir, the Palatinate will fall to Bavaria.

1739: Johann Friedrich, grandson of Frederick of Atlantis, comes to power in Franconia-Pomerania. Under his reign, lots of money is wasted for building palaces and cathedrals. He even tries to sell Farther Pomerania to Sweden or Prussia, which only doesn't happen because noone wants to buy it.

1748: Uprisings in Austria (religiously motivated) against the government of the unpopular dukes Eberhard XI and Eberhard XII.

Western Europe

1725: Portuguese uprising, which takes Spain until 1728 to defeat it completely.

1727-30: Irish and Scottish uprisings defeated by Britain.

1726: Start of Olof Tiselius' first serve as First Minister of Sweden. After the Netherlands (which already have a constitutional government), during his time Sweden-Norway-Mecklenburg also sees a shift of power: Away from the king, to Riksdag (parliament) and First Minister.

1729: Dutch War of Succession (first war in Europe since the end of the Great War, or anti-French War) resolved. France takes Hainaut and parts of Flanders (again...), Luxemburg gets Namur.

1738: King François VI of France manages to smuggle pope Innocent from Rome to Avignon. The Italian king protests, but can't change it.

1743: French king Philippe VI dies without heir, so his unpopular uncle Charles X becomes king.

1746-48: Charles X starts the completely unnecessary war against Prussia, for which France has to make a costly expedition to the Baltic and strain its relation to Denmark-Braunschweig, only because the king feels has he to defend the pope against what he perceives as a Prussian heresy. The war gives the rationalist (comparable to OTL enlightenment) movement a boost.

1749: Charles X dies too without heir. France calls the General Estates (300 men for every estate) to decide who'll become next king, since the successor situation is a bit unclear.


1726: Germans and Italians agree to make the Ohio river border between their possessions in Atlantis.

1728: Spain claims a good part of the Rocky Mountains (up to OTL Utah) for them, to stop the Russians from expanding even further.

1730-37: Uprisings in Mexico under a leader who claims to be the rightful heir of the old native rulers and calls himself Cuáutemoc II.

1740: Spain starts to build a stronger fleet in the Pacific, planning to take a part in East Asia too.

1746-50: French-Atlantean War (also called War of the Great Lakes). Denmark-Braunschweig and Britain fight the native Atlanteans and the French immigrants in Quebec (OTL Ontario).

~1750: Settlements of the Germans and Italians have reached the Mississippi river.


1727: Kingdom of Douala (OTL Cameroon) established.

1728: João de Gouveia killed, but he has a precedence set.

1730: Kingdom of Dida (OTL Ivory Coast) established.

1732: Kingdom of Ibo (OTL South Nigeria) established.

1733-36: Spain and Songhay fight a war. The Songhay have to fight with outdated weapons, but their numerical superiority and the hard climate give them victory. France also helps them with advisors and selling modern weapons.

1734: Kingdom of Sekondi-Takoradi (OTL Ghana) established.

1736: Kingdom of Bafatá (OTL Guinea-Bissau) established. Gouveia's kingdom falls apart, as the Ibibio people become independent.

1737: Raymundo Pires takes power of the Krou people (OTL SW Ivory Coast - he is half Krou), goes on conquering the Neyo, Bakwe and Godie people in the next years.

1738: Kingdom of Lomé extends north, along the Mono river.

1739: Sherbro kingdom attacks Portuguese stronghold on Bonthe. Portuguese ask Mende people north of Sherbro for help, who defeat the latter, but are thought by the Portuguese to become too dangerous themselves, so they support the Temne people, who'll fight the Mende.

1740: Ibibio people conquer the Ekoi. Ewe kingdom of Abomey in OTL S Benin established.

1741: Kingdom of Yaoundé (OTL Cameroon) established. José Damiano takes Accra, expands north, where he meets the resistance of the Ashanti.

1742: Kingdom of Labé (OTL Guinea) established.

1743: Kingdom of Igbira (OTL Nigeria) established. At the site where the Benue river meets Niger river, it becomes strategically very important. Kingdom of Abe (OTL Ivory Coast) established, which soon also conquers the Akie.

1744: Abomey kingdom expands north, along Oueme river.

1745: Kingdom of Gbarnga (OTL Liberia) established. Kingdom of Limba (OTL Sierra Leone) established.

1746: Raymundo Pires loses a border war against the Malinke people, after having conquered the We, who become independent again. Kingdom of Sokodé (OTL Togo) established. Temne-Mende war ends.

1747: After being theatened by Raymundo Pires, Gouro people make another adventurer king. Kingdom of Agno (OTL Ivory Coast) established. Igbira allies with Nupe against native Yoruba kingdoms.

1748: Kingdom of Tiv (OTL Nigeria, east of Igbira) established. Raymundo Pires dies, non-Krou secede again.

1749: Kingdom of Ho (OTL Ghana, east bank of Volta river) established. Abomey kingdom takes Savé.

1750: Kingdom of Baoule (OTL Ivory Coast) established. Kingdom of Jukun (OTL Nigeria) established.

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