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East Asia

Since ~1650: Following the French, Swedish, and Russian engagement in China and India, thanks to the cultural influences many new ideas are born in Europe.

1651: Thailand breaks away from Chinese influence. Hong Emperor sends troops down, but now is forced to fight an unwinnable guerrilla war.

1661: Hong troops retreat from Thailand, for the high costs.

1662: After an attack on a Chinese treasure fleet in Indonesia (by Johor pirates), China starts to avoid this area.

1664: French traders reach Canton.

1668: Khmer ruler demands that his country gets overlordship over Champa (S Vietnam) and Thai lands.

2nd half of 17th century: Hong China starts to relocate troops south, since the Russians take more and more care of their northern border. However, many rulers in SE Asia wish for more independence - and are even schooled how to do now, thanks to the spreading of Chinese culture and strategy.

Muslim world

1652-57: Second Russian-Kuman War. Now the Seljuk tributaries around the Black Sea are reduced to Crimea, Tauria (area just above Crimea) and Georgia.

1660-67: Florence and Venice wage war against Rum-Seljuks, despite that France doesn't fight with them, but they expect that the Seljuks are beaten after their defeat by Russia. They're defeated, lose their conquests from the peace of Györ. The humbled Florence even needed Sicilian help to evacuate their troops from Greece.

1662: Seljuks and Choresm make an alliance, directed against Shi'ite Persia, Russians.

1668-74: Third French-Seljuk War. South Russians join them. In the peace of Belgrad, Venice receives the Aegean islands, Hungary gets Serbia and Bosnia, South Russia Bessarabia and Tauria. France takes Palestine with Jerusalem, which angers many Muslims.

1670-73: Border war between Persia and Vijayanagar, quite indecisive. Since Hong China can't help much, both states start to look for an alliance with European powers.

Russian lands

1651: Novorossiya starts to attack the Mongols, conquers Karakorum in 1655.

1657: South Russians (Kiev-Chernigov) found the Dvoryan republic of Kumania (between Dnepr and southern Bug - OTL West Ukraine).

1659: Novorossiya makes an expedition to SE Asia, seeing the lands they learned already about from the Chinese for the first time.

1663-66: Novorossiya defeats and annexes the Tunguses.

1668: Novorussian expedition reaches India.

1672: A Novorussian ship meets the French at Djibouti; French forbid them to sail into the Red Sea and up to Egypt.

Central Europe

1653: Reichsdeputationshauptbeschluss: All the free cities and other smaller territories of the HREGN are mediatized (given to bigger states). France itself receives some lands too - the Grafschaften (counties) of Mömpelgard, Salm, Saarwerden-Saarbrücken, Veldenz and Sponheim, now extending into German-speaking territory.

The north-eastern German states start to grumble, especially since France doesn't care to help them against the Russian threat (and also, because there are barely any lands left in NE Germany to be annexed).

1660-64: Luxemburgian War of Succession: France and its allies Venice, Bavaria, Switzerland and Nassau make claims for Luxemburgian territories, although they're highly doubtful.

But with the absolutist François IV as French king, things like this don't matter. Although Luxemburg has (most of) the HRE on its side, they're defeated. Vorarlberg becomes a Swiss canton, South Tyrol goes to Venice, the rest of Tyrol to Bavaria; Nassau gets a part of Luxemburg proper, the rest (including Lorraine) becomes French.

The rightful heir, Charles X (VII in Tyrol) only receives Brabant-Limburg. "The old sting in France's side", as François IV says, is now removed.

1667: Florence makes a dynastical marriage with Sicily, between king Francisco II and the only surviving child of grand duke Lorenzo III, Condolcessa. (Even besides the political consequences, the marriage is considered a scandal - there are rumors that Condolcessa was the mistress of both her father and her uncle, late grand duke Giovanni III.)

~1670: Style of Victorianisme at its height.

Western Europe

1655: Wales becomes an integral part of England. The Welsh language is suppressed. (This happens about one century later than OTL, since the English kings were preoccupied with the rest of their empire. Now, under the Staffords, they care more about the islands.)

1662: England reconquers the Pale in Ireland.

1665: Queen Maria of Spain appoints her younger, but more competent son Héctor successor, sends her older son Francisco as governor to Morocco.

1669: Queen Kristina I of Sweden marries Eduard of Wassenberg of the royal Dutch family. This leads to a Dutch-Swedish alliance.


1652: Novorussians take OTL Vancouver island.

1652-56: After having accepted the loyalty of Markland, king Humphrey I plans to regain England's old colony in North Atlantis. However, the states of Denmark-Braunschweig and Florence ally against him in the "Atlantean Coalition" and surprisingly defeat the English fleet. New England stays a Danish-German protectorate.

1655: Border between Spanish colonies and Tawantinsuyu (Inca empire) in OTL Columbia ruled by official treaty.

1657: Sweden agrees to give back Braseal to England, in exchange for an alliance.

1659: England founds Stafford City at the site of OTL Recife, (re-)starting the colonization of Braseal and Argentine.

1662: English (re)found the city of Fort Humphrey at the site of OTL Buenos Aires.

1669: At OTL San Francisco Bay, Novorussians clash with Spain.

1670s: Italian settlers trying to cross the Appalachians are defeated by Atlanteans allied with the French.

1671: Protectorate of New England split up into three countries: One containing the Boston-RI area, one with upper Massachusetts, Connecticut and the south of NH and VT, and one with most of VT and NH, south of Maine.

1675: City of Paradise founded by English at the site of OTL Rio de Janeiro.

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