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The world as of 2014.

In this world, the major point of divergence was an Egyptian victory over the Persians at the Battle of Belusium. As a result, it survived far longer, which in turn, attributed to the extended survival of other civilizations.


Many, but not all, of this world, are ancient, long lasting and deeply rooted. Imperialism, is still a common practice, and though it is not as utilized as it was in ancient times, there is still a belief that in order for a country to survive, it must not be allowed to become weak in any way.

Unlike our world, there are only 18 nations in the world, as smaller ones either got swallowed up by the major ones, such as Egypt, Rome or China; others had to band together to prevent exactly that. A couple, such as Japan or Azteca, managed to repel the invading forces of China and Rome respectively, and managed to retain their independence, though whereas the Aztecs forged a large empire, the Japanese were initially unable to complete with the Chinese. The most recently formed, nations are the Free African Union, which was formed out out of a coalition of smaller African nations to resist Egyptian and Ghanese expansion, and the United Islamic Republic, which was formed out of a combination of Islamic states.




  • Flag of Tsar of Moscow
    Russian Tsardom

  • Flag of Persia (1910-1925)
    Kingdom of Persia

  • Ph sjk3
    Sultanate of Ibadi

  • Iq 1920
    Republic of Mesopotamia

  • Flag of Arabia (Caesar of Rome)
    Kingdom of Arabia


  • Banner of the Inca Empire
    Incan Empire

  • Flag of the Iroquois Confederacy
    Iroquois Federation

  • Pine Ridge Flag
    Plains Confederacy

  • Editedflagofthecomanche
    Comanche Empire

Former Nations

Throughout the timeline, several nations rose and fell, some more recently than others. Several Southeast Asian countries were absorbed by the Chinese Empire in the Wars of Chinese Expansion. After the Second World War, the UIR, which was formed out of multiple states, was dissolved back into the original states.

  • Pk-pml
    United Islamic Republic
    : Originally formed out of the Republic of Mesopotamia, Kingdom of Arabia, Kingdom of Persia, Sultanate of Ilbadi, and Greater Indian Raj. It was dissolved Second World War; divides into original member states.
  • Flag of Cambodia
    Khmer Kingdom: conquered by the Chinese Empire in 1701.

  • Flag of Thailand
    Kingdom of Siam: conquered by the Chinese Empire in 1700.



  • Persian-Egyptian War
  • Alexandrian Wars
    • ​Egyptian-Alexandrian War
    • Alexandrian-Persian War
  • Punic Wars
    • ​First Punic War
    • Second Punic War
    • Third Punic War

0-1400 AD

  • Egyptian-Roman Wars
    • ​First Egyptian Roman War
    • Second Egyptian Roman War
  • First War of Britannia
  • Second War of Britannia
  • Egyptian-Arab War
  • Egyptian-Ghanese War
  • Aztec-Roman War

1400-1600 AD

  • First Sino-Russo War
  • Sino-Japanese War
  • Russo-Norse War

1600-1900 AD

  • Nepalese War
  • Chinese Wars of Conquest
  • Second Sino-Russian War
  • Incan-Ghanese War
  • First Aztec-Incan War
  • First World War

1900 AD- Present

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