List of megacities in the World
City Country (incl. Territories) Population (millions) 
Tokyo Japan 32
Mexico City Franco-Spain (New Spain) 31
Peking United Kingdom (British Paichu ) 30
Gyeongseong Japan (Korea) 30.1
Karachi United Kingdom (British Raj) 29
Sao Paulo Brazil  28
Jakarta Indonesia 13.09


Franco-Spain (Spanish East Indies) 12.90
Guangzhou  United Kingdom (British Paichu) 12.70 
Moscow  Russian Empire 12.47
Berlin Prussia  12.50
Cairo NAU 12.20
New Delhi British Paichu 11.29
London Japan 10.54
Madrid Britain 10.34
New York City British Raj 10.32
Paris Franco-Spain 9.7
New Madrid Franco-Spain (Brazil) 9.58
Mumbai British Raj 8.80
Osaka Japan 7.61
Hong Kong  United Kingdom (British Paichu) 7.28
Singapore  United Kingdom 6.57
Constantinople Greece 6.34
Astoria United Kingdom (North American Union) 6.06
San Bogata Franco-Spain (Columbia) 5.48
Saint Petersburg Russian Empire 5.20

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