The World's Fair was a tehcnological and industrial exhibition held in 1900-1914 and 1924-1930 by the countries of the Richmond Alliance. It vied with the Olympics throughout the early 1900s for splendor and grandeur, which was known as the Festival Wars.

1900 Washington, Virginia Confederation of America
1901 Buffalo, Erie Confederation of America
1902 London, England United Kingdom
1903 Barcelona Spain
1904 Vienna Austria-Hungary
1905 Sydney, Australia United Kingdom
1906 Milan Milanese City-State
1907 Dublin, Ireland United Kingdom
1908 Norfolk, Virginia Confederation of America
1909 Seattle City, Seattle, Canada United Kingdom
1910 Bilbao Spain
1911 Bristol United Kingdom
1912 New York, New York Confederation of America
1913 Toronto, Canada United Kingdom
1914 London United Kingdom
1915 Scheduled to be Berlin, Prussia, but called off because of the Great War
1916 Scheduled to be Washington, Virginia, Confederation of America, but called off because of the Great War
1924 Dublin, Ireland United Kingdom
1925 Atlanta Georgia
1926 Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom
1927 Cork, Ireland United Kingdom
1928 Raleigh Carolina
1929 Glasgow, Scotland United Kingdom
1930 Macon Georgia

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