Union of Workers Republics
Timeline: Our Revolution
UWR No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
  others Scots Gaelic, Welsh, Zulu
General Counceler Tony Benn
Population 185 million 
Established 1885 (Workers Rule Act)
Currency Pound

The Union of Workers' Republics (UWR) is a constitutionally syndicalist state that existed in Great Britain from 1885 to 1998. The common short name is the Workers' Union.

Emerging from the British Empire after the sweeping election of members of the British Workers Party to Parliament in 1882 and their abolition of the Crown of England in 1885, the UWR was a union of several Lincolnist-Owenist republics, but the synecdoche Britain—after the British Isles, its most populous region—continued to be commonly used throughout the country's existence. The geographic boundaries of the UWR varied with time, but after the last major territorial annexations of the Oceanic states, eastern Nigeria, Iceland, and certain other territories during the World War, from 1919 until dissolution, the boundaries approximately corresponded to those of late Imperial Britain, with the notable exclusions of Egypt and the India.

Initially established as a union of five Workers' Republics, the UWR grew to contain 15 constituent or "union republics" by 1936: Cape WFR, Namibia WFR, Botswana WFR, Zulu WFR, Kenyan WFR, Rwanda WFR, Tanzania WFR, Akan WFR, Nigerian WFR, Australian WFR, New Zealand WFR, English WFR, Scottish WFR, West African WFR, and Welsh SSR. As the largest and oldest constitutional populist-led syndicalism state, the Workers Union became the primary model for a number of ideologically close Lincolist-Owenist nations during the Recovery. The government and the political organization of the country were defined by the British Workers Party and their chief opponent, the Populist Party of the Workers Union.

From 1919 until the completion of recovery in 1955, the Workers Union was at the mercy of American foreign aid, much like the rest of Europe, and leading into what would become known as the American Age, a period of political instability began to show through the old populist system. The European Federation is the successor state to the UWR. Europe is the leading member of the Commonwealth of Nations, and a recognized global power, inheriting its foreign representatives and much of its military from the former Workers' Union and the French Republic.

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