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Workers' Revolution of 1953 (Regnum Bueno)

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Workers' Revolution of 1953
Conflict in Paulista Avenue.
Date 28 June 1953 - 11 July 1953
Location São Paulo
Result Communist victory and the fall of the monarchy in San Paulo.
Hammer-n-sickle Communist Party of San Paulo

Flagsaopaulov2update Civilian Opposition

Flagsaopaulov1 Kingdom of San Paulo
Commanders and leaders
Hammer-n-sickle Luís Carlos Prestes

Hammer-n-sickle João Amazonas

Coatofarmssanpaulo Serafim I

Coatofarmssanpaulo Juscelino Kubitschek
Coatofarmssanpaulo Gen. André Magalhães

 The Workers' Revolution of 1953 (Portuguese: Revolução Trabalhista de 1953) was a communist and civilian uprising that ended the monarchist period in San Paulo, on July 11, 1953.

The revolution was led by Luís Carlos Prestes and João Amazonas.

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