Worker's Commonwealth of San Paulo
San Paulo
Timeline: Regnum Bueno
Preceded by 1953-1974 Succeeded by
Flagsaopaulov1 Kingdom of San Paulo Flagsaopaulov3 United Republic of San Paulo

Flagsaopaulov2update Community of San Bernardo

Flagsaopaulov2update Coat of Arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Alternative 2014)
Flag of San Paulo Coat of Arms of San Paulo

O Povo que constitui a nação! (Portuguese)
("The people who constitute the nation!")

Anthem: "A Porta Vermelha"
Capital: San Paulo
Other cities: San Bernardo

San João

Language: Portuguese
Religion: Secular state
Type of government: One-Party
Socialist federal republic
  President: Luís Carlos Prestes
Population: 127 432 689 hab.
Currency: Banterum
The Worker's Commonwealth of San Paulo (Portuguese: Comunidade Trabalhista de São Paulo), was a Socialist state on the South American continent that existed between 1953 and 1966.

A union of multiple subnational communities, its government and economy were centralized. The country was a one-party state, governed by the Communist Party with San Paulo as its capital.

It had two general-secretaries: Carlos Marighella (1953-58) and Luis Carlos Prestes (1958-66).

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