On 25th January Prime Minister Bee announced in Parliament that the General Election would take place on Thursday February 21st

The election campaign will last for one month and during that time each party that has representation in parliament is entitled to have four Party Political Broadcasts on WBC1. There are separate rules for any other parties.

  • A party that has no MPs but has candidates in less than 50% of the constituencies is entitled to one PPB.
  • A party that has no MPs but has candidates in 50% or more of the constituencies is entitled to two PPBs.

There is also a limit upon how much any party is allowed to spend on any sort of party political printing such as newspaper advertisements and party leaflets.

Week 1

In the Conservative Party's first PPB Mark Bee decided to take the bull by the horns and apologised for the actions of the former Defence Secretary saying that he had betrayed the trust the people of Woodbridge had placed in him and that the Conservatives would work hard to regain that trust if they were re-elected.

For the Labour Party Chris Mole said the Conservatives would be unable to run on their record and yet seemed unable to announce any new policies. On the other hand he said that if elected Labour would re-introduce the old district councils. He said that he realised that he had made this pledge during the 2011 election but it was right then and was right now.

Marian Andrews of the Liberals said that if her party formed the governmentthey would change the voting system from first past the post to single transferable vote so that "not one single vote will be wasted.

Albert Maxwell of the Veteran's Party stated the the deaths that occurred in the Ipswich Incident were the fault of the corruption in the Conservatives and as such they no longer deserved to be in power. He also said that in the event of a hung parliament his party would not take part in any coalition that also included the Conservatives.

Week 2

The second week of the campaign concentrated on taxation and the Woodbridge economy

The Conservatives announced that they would cut taxes for the hard working majority and force the unemployed to undertake public works in order to receive their unemployment benefits.

The Labour Party condemned this move, saying that it meant that the Conservatives seemed to equate the unemployed with criminals. For their part they said that they would sign more trade deals with more countries in Europe which would not only benefit Woodbridge economically but would also serve as an exchange in expertise and technology

The Liberals repeated their long-standing policy that more money should be spent on health and education.

The Veterans agreed with the Liberals that more should be spent on health, particularly in respect of the health of soldiers injured in the various wars Woodbridge had taken part in during recent years.

Week 3

The third week of the campaign basically consisted of the various attacking the policies of other parties and defending themselves from attacks by other parties

The Result

The result of the Election was released at noon on February 22nd

Labour 25 (+9)

Conservatives 22 (-19)

Liberals 22 (+7)

Veterans 10 (+2)

Independent 1 (+1)

This meant that for the first time since Woodbridge returned to civilian rule the Conservatives were not the largest party. However no single party had an overall which meant that there would have to be discussions between the parties about the formation of a coalition.

On March 13th Christopher Mole and Marian Andrews announced jointly that the Labour and Liberal parties had agreed to form a coalition

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