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Wojciech Gomułka is a Polish politician in the Interactive AAR "A Federation of Equals."

Early Life

Born to wealthy parents, Wojciech's childhood was one of privilege and splendor, receiving the best toys and living in the biggest houses. While he did enjoy such things he also felt a sense of sadness and regret that many were suffering in horrible conditions and that nothing was being done to aid them, so from a very young age he began to give out possessions and help those in any way he could. As he grew older he also was opened up to the prospects of the political restrictions many felt, including his own privileged family, and thus began campaigning for such. He was expelled from numerous Universities throughout the Austrian Empire for his outspoken and liberal tendencies and eventually stuck to teaching himself through reading materials. He traveled around the Empire from the early 1840s until the outbreak of the revolution in '48, when he promptly rushed back to his home state of Galicia to support and encourage the revolution.

Political Career

This saw him rise to popularity in his local areas, his reward being election to represent the people as a Deputy. He has also inherited his family's fortune since the passing of his father in 1852. Throughout the next decade he served faithfully in his position as Deputy. Then after the popa's betrayal he was named Minister of War, following that he attempted to launch a coup to force the referendum. He failed however and committed suicide.

Name: Wojciech Gomułka
Date of Birth: 12 February 1819
Date of Death: During the 1860s
Place of Birth: Nadwórna, Galicji
Culture: Polish
Position: Minister of War
Formerly: Deputy for Galicia

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