Wladyslaw I the Elbow-high
Timeline: [[Premyslid Bohemia]]
Born 1261
Died November 29, 1306
Wife Hedwig of Kalisz
Religion Catholic
Wladyslaw Lokietek

Wladyslaw's depiction in ORT.

Wladyslaw I the Elbow-High was born in 1260 to Casimir I of Kuyavia and Euphrosyne of Opole. When Premysl II of Poland died in 1294, he proclaimed himself a succesor to polish throne. Local lords however suported Wenceslaus II, the crown later passed to his son Wenceslaus III. During Henry of Carinthia's conspiracy he thought that in war with Bohemia, Henry would support him. However during the conspiracy, it all ended in Poland - Bohemia War and creation of Empire of Greater Bohemia and Poland. He was killed in Pomerania by Wenceslaus himself on November 29, 1306. Also during war on November 27, his only daughter Kunigunda (born 1298) was killed.