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Winter Coup (1983: Doomsday)
PRC troops enter Tianshui
Date January 20th-February 23rd, 2014
Location Republic of Gansu
  • Decisive PRC victory
  • Dissolution of Republic of Gansu
  • Annexation of Gansu Province into PRC
  • Beginning of Gansu Insurgency (AKA Gansu Civil War)
  • Central government loses control over Countryside in Gansu
*People's Republic of China
  • Various small Communist militias
*Republic of Gansu
  • Later, Free Gansuan Army and other assorted anti-PRC militias
Commanders and leaders
*Flag of the People's Republic of China Kang Wufei *Flag of Gansu-dd Lu Hao
  • Flag of Gansu-dd Liu Weiping
Approx 25,000 Troops, used for a "police action" Approx 5,000 Troops, plus close to 30,000 in militias and rebels.
Casualties and losses
349 dead, 782 injured 3,912 dead, 8,126 injured (counting civilians)

The Winter Coup