The Willkie Cabinet (1941-1944)

President Wendell Willkie (Republican-Indiana)

Vice President Charles McNary (Republican-Oregon)

Secretary of State Arthur Vandenberg (Republican-Michigan)

Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson (Republican-New York)

Secretary of the Treasury Alf M. Landon (Republican-Kansas)

Attorney General Robert H. Jackson (Democrat-New York)

Postmaster General Harold Stassen (Republican-Minnesota)

Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox (Republican-Illinois)

Secretary of the Interior Raymond E. Baldwin (Republican-Connecticut)

Secretary of Agriculture Claude R. Wickard (Democrat-Indiana)

Secretary of Commerce James M. Cox (Democrat-Ohio)

Secretary of Labor Fiorello H. La Guardia (Republican-New York)

Chief of Staff to the Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy William D. Leahy (Iowa)

Chief of Staff of the United States Army Douglas MacArthur (Arkansas)

Chief of Naval Operations Robert L. Ghormley (Oregon)

Chief of the Army Air Forces Henry H. Arnold (Pennsylvania)

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