Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Ab Dahkla, Western Sahara and surrounding area
Flag of the Hamburg colony of Williamsburg
(and largest city)
Language German (Official)
Religion Catholicism
Ethnic Group German
Population ~150,000 
Currency Reichstaler

Williamsburg is a colony of the Duchy of Hamburg situated on the northwestern coast of Africa. It was established in 1454 as Hamburg attempted to grab a share of the then-lucrative west african trade. Despite the fading of that trading sectors importance in favor of Borealian and East Indian trading, Williamsburg proved a useful launching point for further exploration of Africa and the New World, and has since reproved itself capable as a midway point between New Lüneburg and the Borealian colonies as they prepare for the final leg back to Hamburg, or vis versa.

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