William V of England, more properly William V of the United Kingdom and her Empire, real name Wilhelm Albert Ferdinand Victor Saxe-Coburg-Gothe (1906-1972), was King of the United Kingdom from 1953 until his death in 1972. William acceded to the throne after his father's abdication in the face of Britain's liberation from fascist control by the United States.
As monarch, William remained largely invisible in the early days of his reign, choosing to distance himself from his father's reign. In his later years (1965-1972), William began to attend more public events and take a more active role in British life. William's reign saw the beginning of a lack of support for the monarchy in Britain which has continued to this day.
Upon his death in 1972, the crown fell to William's eldest son, who took the throne as Edward IX

Preceded by
Charles III
King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain
January 20, 1936-May 17, 1972
Succeeded by
Edward IX

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