William VI (William James Charles Frederick Beaumont-Dudley; born March 18, 1985) is the King of England and the head of the English Empire. As such, he is also King of Canada, Kingsland, Texas and several other countries. In each of these he is represented by a Viceroy.

William was crowned King on October 21, 2004 following his ascention to the throne seven months earlier. William became King after the abdication of his father, Henry X in March 2004 in the wake of the Baghdad Affair, which damaged his father's government. William is the youngest King for more than 300 years. His government, led by Lord Chancellor the Duke of Suffolk has been scandal-free in its short life.

William also holds the positions of Head of the Empire, Lord High Admiral, Supreme Governor of the Church of England (styled Defender of the Faith) and Lord of Mann. Following tradition, he is also styled Duke of Lancaster. He is also Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces of England and the Empire.

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