Wilhelm II2

Emperor William II, circa 1890

William II (Frederick William Victor Albert, German: Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albrecht) was German Emperor and King of Prussia. He was born 27 January 1859 in Berlin, Prussia, and died there 4 June 1941. He was a son of German Emperor Frederick III, King of Prussia, and his wife, Victoria, Princess Royal of Great Britain and Ireland.

William belonged to the house of Hohenzollern. He became Emperor and King upon the death of his father, 15 June 1888. William was a conservative monarch, however, his reign was peaceful.

During his reign a fringe political figure named Adolf Hitler tried to stage a coup d'etat in Munich, Bavaria, in the 1920's, however, he was arrested and executed.

He married 27 February 1881 to Princess Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein (a member of the house of Oldenburg), born 1858, died 1921, having the following issue:

William (1882-1951), who succeeded his father as Emperor William III.

Eitel Frederick (1883-1942)

Adalbert (1884-1948)

August William (1887-1949)

Oscar (1888-1958)

Joachim (1890-1920)

Victoria Louisa (1892-1980), mother-in-law of King Paul I of the Hellenes

Emperor William II remarried after his first wife's death, 9 November 1922 to Princess Hermine Reuss of Greiz (1887-1947). They had no common issue.

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