William C. C. Claiborne
Timeline: Britain Keeps America

William Claiborne
Portrait of William C. C. Claiborne

2nd Governor-General of Louisiana
1840 – 1845

Predecessor Andrew Jackson
Successor Henry Johnson
Deputy Henry Johnson

Leader of the Oppostion
1835 – 1840

Predecessor N/A
Successor James K. Polk
Born Sometime between 1772 and 1775
Sussex County, Virginia
Died April 3, 1848
New Orleans
Spouse Elizabeth W. Lewis
Political Party Whig Party
Religion Protestant
William C. C. Claiborne (before 23 November 1772, or on 13 August 1773, or between 23 November 1773 and 23 November 1774, or in August 1775) was the 2nd Governor General of Louisiana and the founder of the Whig Party.

Originally a lawyer working on frontier cases across British America, Claiborne moved to New Orleans following the British capture of it. Claiborne did not agree with most of Governor-General Andrew Jackson's policies. Claiborne created the Whig Party, which supported the supremacy of parliament over the Governor-General, civil rights, modernization, and the end of slavery.

The Whig Party defeated Jackson's Democratic Party in the 1840 election, and Clairborne became the new Governor-General. Under his rule, slavery was abolished and the relocation of Native Americans ended. Louisiana continued to expand west and became a strong colony. Claiborne decided to end his political career in 1845, due to failing health. In 1848 he passed away in New Orleans.

Today, the Whig Party continues to be a major political party, and Claiborne is regarded as a Founding Father of Louisiana.