William Butler who became president in 1866 upon the death of President Cass continued the policies of his predecessor.

State of Sequoyah

The Indian Territory is granted the status of a state, the state of Sequoyah, a slave state.

Alaska Purchase

Alaska is purchased from Russia.

Transcontinental Railroad

The railroad is completed in Butler's presidency.

Withdrawing Aid From Nevada

William Butler withdraws all federal funds from Nevada as a result of the states legalization of polygamy in 1867.

1868 Election

William Butler runs against John Fremont for the presidency. Fremont promises to repeal the Compromise of 1861 and replace it with a bill preventing the extension of slavery to any territory in the United States. He would also institute a slave tax. He would aggressively seek the addition of new free states in order to amend the Constitution and abolish slavery. William Butler wins all the slave states, and Fremont wins all the free states, putting Fremont in the White House. This leads to a second secession crisis, which Butler attempts unsuccessfully to suppress before Fremont becomes president.

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