Wilhelm III
Wilhelm III photo
Emperor of Germany; King of Prussia
In office:

June 4, 1941 - July 20, 1951

Predecessor: Wilhelm II
Successor: Louis Ferdinand

Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin


Crown Prince Wilhelm

Louis Ferdinand, Emperor of Germany

Prince Hubertus

Prince Friedrich

Princess Alexandrine

Princess Cecilie

Full Name: Friedrich Wilhelm Victor Augustus Ernest
House: House of Hohenzollern

Wilhelm II, German Emperor

Mother: Augusta Viktoria of Schleswig-Holstein

May 6 1882, Potsdam, Brandenburg, German Empire

Died: July 20 1951, Hechingen, German Empire
Religion: Evangelical Christian Church

Wilhelm III was Emperor of Germany (1941 - 1951).

He was regarded as little more of a figurehead for his powerful Chancellors, Goerdeler and Adenauer.

He led Germany through most of the World War II and the immediate aftermath.

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