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Flag Coat of Arms
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Location of Wiccan State of Cascadia (Great Nuclear War)


Early Beginnings

The citizens of this nation were once part of the USA. But after the war, much their population was diminished. This resulted in a power vacuum where multiple tribes in the state would fight among themselves. Until one tribe took over. United by a young woman named Amy. She was born a few months before the bombs fell.

Amy Longs; Queen of Cascadia:

Amy Longs was born May 1st 1961 to a middle class accountant and his wife. Mark Longs was always paranoid about the threat of Nuclear War; so in his paranoia built a bunker stocked with supplies years before Amy was born. However when the bombs began to fall, he would never get the chance to see his family. Most say he died in the nuclear blast. Only Amy and her mother would make it in.

Her Mother, Carly Winstin-Longs, was not like most mothers. She was actually part of a neo-pagan religion called Wicca. She believed in a Moon Goddess and a horned god. She was very unlike her workaholic husband. She meet him in a cafe in London. He supposedly was their to meet a war buddy. According to Amy, they fell madly in love.

Three years after the bombs dropped, they went outside to see the radiated landscape. They went to go gather supplies in their home. Here they met the Bear Tribe, a group of survivors who were living in their house.

At first the tribe were fearful of the Longs, but soon they began to respect one another. In a few months time, the Longs were accepted into the tribe.

Emperor Zodiac's Ambush.

Roughly ten years later, a great threat came to the radiated lands of California. A man only known as Zodiac had taken lands in the North of California, naming himself Emperor Zodiac I. He would send bands of murderous men to kill tribes who refused to bow to him. Bear Tribe, Eagle Tribe and Fish tribe along with a multitude of smaller tribes. They decided to have Carly represent them, in hopes that peace could be established. However, Zodiac would not have peace. When Carly and her band of guards came to a forest clearing near the city of San Francisco, they were ambushed. No one survived. Zodiac believed he had secured victory. But he was mistaken.For young Amy, it was her beginning.She was trained by her mother to defend herself and how to survive in the harshest situations. She would avenge her mother.

Under one Banner:

Amy asked Jake Halls (Bear Tribe) and Markus Lurkent (Eagle Tribe) for a small army to fight off Zodiac. Markus and Jake hesitated at first. But, out of desperation and having no other ideas of how to fight back; they agreed. Amy was placed in charge of an armed militia of 1000 men. Amy along with Mark and Jake planned about how to attack Zodiac's brutes. After a few scouting parties, they found a camp of 2000 men near the Merced River. After a long period of preparations. Amy's army marched to the river, on May 3rd 1975. WIP

Battle of the Merced:

On May 5th 1975, Amy's army attacked the soldiers of the Merced. The fighting was brutal, Zodiac's men were armed with shotguns and handguns while they were armed with swords and crossbows, along with other primitive weapons. However Amy planned to forced Zodiac's Army to fight on a steep hill. They battle was bloody. but ended in victory for Amy. Only 500 of Zodiac's Army remained, all of which surrendered. Amy lost 237 men in this battle. But soon many other local tribes began to join her on her great war against Zodiac.

Fall of San Francisco:

After years of guerrilla warfare, battles, skirmishes and assassination attempts. Amy's army began to gather to the capital of Zodiac's falling empire. Her army now composed of 15,000 well trained soldiers. She had set up a camp to prepare for the battle. But here she would have a vision. According to locals, she dreamed and met the goddess of life. She talked to Amy telling her about why the war happened. She told her that "The war was being torn away from me and was growing ever hateful". The war happened as a way to give humanity a second chance. According to the Nation's religion. This goddess was in fact her mother. And when Amy woke up. She organized her army and created her famous battle cry. "We will not die in vain. Rather to give our lives is to bring life and glory". The battle would last from January 12th to January 17th. Amy would be victorious, but wouldn't escape unscathed. She would lose her left eye in the battle. But Zodiac would be killed for his crimes and cruelty againist the people of the Coast.


Amy was beloved by many in the region for her just and gentle nature. Her small bands of men would punish evil severely. After much discussion among local governments and tribe chiefs. It was decided that Amy would be crowned Queen of the West Coast. Although Amy was hesitant. She was encouraged by her mother's voice to lead these people to her. She would be crowned Queen Athena I after the goddess of wisdom, on December 25th 1979 at the age of 18. She would then begin to form the strong bond her "mother" told her to found.

Order of the Great Goddess

Amy was never a fan of Christianity. She found its god to be too cold and impersonal for her. In his famous book (Queen of Cosmos) by convert Carl Sagan, he wrote. "This idea of hers is quite brilliant. She has created a religion that doesn't fear the wonders of this beautiful universe however she embraces it. She creates a goddess who doesn't fear man, or hate them, or finds them unworthy of her love. Rather, she is in all things, yet is one being. Although, however, I do wonder if it's a case of being to good to be true. I do however hope a union of wonder, awe and magic can happen with science. Sagan would go to a festival in honor of the Goddess in 1983. Here he would go on to convert to the faith.


According to the main doctrine, There is only one deity Brighid Mother. She is the mother of all life. She also mother of Queen Athena. She created the world to create children of her own. But however they abandoned her. Preferring to follow their own desires and delusions rather than learn of her. She decided that the only way to save them is to restart. She made the nations of the world destroy themselves, leaving only a few left. She created Athena to teach them of her ways.


She can be praised any time on wishes too. But most prefer to praise her during the Summer and Winter Solstice, winter symbolizes the death of the old way of life and the Summer represents the future of her chosen children. She also worshiped through acts of kindness and with justice for the innocent. Greed and hatred and violence, anger her. In society, evil doers, selfishness, greed, and violence are badly punished. Some however are more radical, such as Gaia's Army, who kill lawbreakers and sometimes just non believers.

Relationship to Nature

The WSC or sometimes just called Cascadia, worship and respect nature heavily, using herbal medicine, teaching kids to have a great respect for all life. Some even go as far as to not eat any meat, even tough it is not standard doctrine. Technology such as Aqueducts, T.V and Electricity are allowed. However, deadly weapons, such as machine guns, tanks and nukes, are destroyed along with any documents about how to create them. The State, claims these weapons must never be used again.


According to locals. The Goddess's power can be used by others if she chooses them. They are called by locals, Demichild, or Half Child. Those who claim to be one, can supposedly heal injuries. Talk to the dead. Bring dead ones back to life. Speak to animals. Some even claim that they could predict the future. Many people rely on them for religious practice in normal times.

Other Faiths

Despite the Queen's best efforts two groups have been hated by many locals. Atheists and Christians. They are despised due to a sterotype, which thinks atheists and Christians hate the goddess. Atheists, however, are the most hated group. This is due to the belief that many of the most recent atrocities, including the Nuclear War itself. This has lead to the rise of two fanatical groups.

Godless Order Against Theocracy aka Mythbusters

The Mythbusters, led by Adam Savage and James "Walrus" Hyneman, has become one of the largest groups against the state. They claim that Queen Athena, "Is trying to plunge us back into the dark ages", as Adam stated. They claim that Queen Athena is a blood-thirsty lunatic, and that she lied about her vision. They claim that they fight for "Democracy, Logic and Enlightenment". However, some claim that although their are democratic ideas in the movement, that the elections are rigged by the leaders. Despite this, the more radical atheists are joining this movement, feeling it is up to them to fight for democracy.

Only Son Movement

The Only Son movement was founded by actor Ronald Reagan, three years after the fall of America. According to the movement, the war was god's punishment to mankind for its sinfulness. They claim that god hates all who are not part of the movement. They have be responsible for a multitude of attacks on the nation, including an assassination attempt on the Queen. As of right now, it is lead by a friend of Reagan, Fred Phelps.


The queen

Portrait of Queen Athena I

The Wiccan State/ Empire/ Kingdom of Cascadia is a Strong Theocratic Constitutional Monarchy. The monarch is head of the state, but they too must follow the laws set up. There is a parliament, but only the monarch can propose laws. But only the parliament can vote on them. The current monarch is Queen Athena I along with her husband Link Thompson. She is the mother of two children, Bast (Age 16) and Ares (5). Princess Bast is currently next in line for the throne. However, if a scandal happens, then it is up for the people to choose if she is still eligible. If neither child is able to be counted on, then the people will choose their king.

Rise of the Republicans

In 1989, a rising faction had begun to rise in the empire. The Republicans are those who demand that the empire lose it's monarchy and go back to the continents more democratic roots. It is also rumored that some of the leaders of the Republican faction are allies and sympathizers of GOAT. But most citizens, however love their queen. A recent poll shows that only 5% of the population would want to end the monarchy.


Cascadia has a population of roughly five to seven million people. Many of whom also follow the state religion.


Cascadia has small but very deadly military, usually used for only defense. They will use a variety of weapons, but all will carry some kind of bladed weapon. The Queen herself is in charge of the army.

Land Forces: Militia ~50,000

Sea Units: ~30 Long Boats

Air Units: None

Elite Soldiers: Guardians ~200


The Kingdom is self reliant, it will not import from other nations. But it is willing to give to other nations. Their economy is somewhat socialist. However a rewards system keeps the economy going, keeps competition and allows money to not take over people's lives. Some of their largest industries are game animals, herbal medicine, Gold, and agriculture. Most citizens enjoy a fairly comfortable life compared to other nations. Their standard currency is the Aur-sanctaidd, Golden Coin.


Cascadian citizens are very connected to nature and the outdoors. Many will spend at least thirty minutes of their day, connecting to nature. Their culture is very nature centered. Births of children will be the cause of small festivals in small villages. Reaching Adulthood (age 13) will result in a four day feast in honor of those who have entered into adulthood.

All Marriages must also take place on the summer or winter solstice.

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