Symbol of Norse Paganism

The Vel Vatar Theocracy

In 1113 Tssai the last Pagan was defeated and expelled from the Vestar Kingdom. in these most desperate times 300 devout followers gather around Odin Emyr considered as the last heir of Tassi. Departing in flagguan (flight arriving at Vel Vatar, Mingling with the native Tanio. Odin Emyr is often seen as the father of Modern Norse Paganism, in contradiction to Tssai who is seen as among the first White Supremacist, Odin believed, that believers should mix with the whole world to spread the word of Thor, in becoming einhinder (one). This was necessary to their survival in an environment they had never encountered before, Odin in time would teach the Tanio how to write in Rune Script, so that the purpose of the New Comers were never forgotten. For centuries the Norse Cult and the nation of Wicca Hindrcvtini would
Mayan Runis

Ruins of Gaman Maruika

develop without outside interference, building a great city Gaman marikua (pleasure of foreigners). Every descendant of Odin Emyr was considered a god, crowned by The Council of Heavens Will who were believed to have contact with higher powers. According to vague references, the Wicca Hindrvtni had made regular trade relations with Central Vestar Natives, (OTL Central America) by 1145. The city of Gaman Marikua reached its zenith around 1300 with a population of 30,000. In 1311 Catholic men calling themselves the Knights Templar shipwrecked on the island purged and beaten by the Frankish King, the two cults became very good friends as both explored divinity with an open mind, their alliance would in the end save both groups from destruction by the hands of Catholic and Norse churches.

The Christian Kingdom of the Vestar approaches.

In 1189, a Norse Trading Vessel was blown off course from the Pamiclo and stumbled upon Windi Hindrvtini in the first contact since the heathen flight. The seven crewmen were treated cordially in an attempt to woo them into the old religions, six of them choose to stay while one escaped in the middle of the night.

Fleeing on the small ship alone he crashed into the land of the Catawaba, in four years finally returning to Christian Vestar. Lord Jarn II was surprised to hear that the Wicca Hundrvtni had survived.

Christian Invasions in 1203, 1264, 1324 and 1410 would all be repelled.

King Leif V of the Vestar Kingdom would conquer the Vel Vetar Theocracy in 1437 destroying the city of Garman Maruika in a night landing, burning 25,000 Hindrvtini the next day,

A Tanio man mentioned as Pagura (lord of boats), escapes with a few thousand in an exodus into unknown waters to be out of reach of the Christians, sailing into the South, to what is now Brasil establishing a community called Mabi. 

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