This page may hopefully clear up a few questions you might have after reading the timeline, and make it seem slightly more plausible...

Why did the Ottomans enact reforms?

Perhaps a slightly more intelligent Sultan came to rule, and saw what was happening. They helped instead of persecuted those in the Balkans, which led in part to an agricultural revolution.

Why didn't they join WWI?

They felt they would gain nothing by joining in. Germany still wanted war, so they were able to start it by themselves.

Why was there a Fascist takeover?

People still looked at the glory days of the empire, now romanticised and out of sight. In addition, the voting was probably skewed.

Why was Operation Barbarossa successful?

The first reason was the opening of two fronts and greater manpower. The second was that Hitler was less arrogant and confident here, thus doing sensible things like giving his soldiers winter clothing!

Why didn't a nuke land on Berlin?

Numerous failings in the Manhattan Project let to it being abandoned before it even started. Germany, however, saw the potential ...

Why was Britain and France willing to let Hitler control them so much?

Partly because if they hadn't, they would have been bashed into the ground even more. Hitler promised them, however, that he would make their futures better if they promised to go along with him. They really had no choice.

Why was Italy so aggressive?

Hitler felt the German army had contributed much more to the war effort (in reality, they probably did). Italy did not agree. The US heightened tensions massively by accident. Italy itself was low on money, they felt they had to do something.

Why, after the war, did Hitler give Rome to the Ottomans?

Hitler disliked most religions, but he hated Christianity. He admired Islam. He saw this as a chance to crush Christianity's centre and encourage people to move on to other things.

Why did the US decline so much after their defeat?

Numerous small effects, as well as the war and the depression meant they slowly declined.

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