White Victory (Белая победа) is a timeline which examines the changes of history in the event that the White Movement was victorious in the Russian Civil War instead of the Bolshevik revolutionaries. The Russian Democratic Republic was formed instead of the Soviet Union, and other several other former territories of the Russian Empire gained independence following the war's end. Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, and several other Bolshevik leaders were either killed or captured, and communism never became as widespread as it did in OTL.

Main Points of Divergence:

  • White movement leadership is much more organized and competent, due to the unification of White forces following the Conference of Tsaritsyn, in which a provisional government is formed by a delegation of several hundred influential White Russian leaders. The majority of military forces were also unified under them, as the Russian National Army. Lack of unity was one of the major problems that the movement faced, and was corrected early on by the Conference.
  • Bolsheviks are unable to recruit nor conscript enough soldiers due to general resistance from the population, as well as more effective White propaganda ( result of a unified White Russian government), causing a thinned out Red Army.
  • Additional forces fought for the Whites, from the former satellite states created by Germany. They were not abolished after Germany's defeat in WWI, and aided the Whites by providing over 100,000 troops.
  • Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky are killed during the war, along with other famous Bolshevik leaders. Some also defect to the White movement, and eventually rise to positions of power within the new government, the Russian Democratic Republic.

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