Hours following the thermonuclear destruction of USS Randolph and several accompanying destroyers an emergency crisis session was held by the United Nation Security Council regarding the situation, however, the outcome was unknown as New York was destroyed by a nuclear attack on 3:44 PM Sunday (EST), triggering U.S and NATO nuclear retaliation and the Mutual Assured Destruction of various NATO and Warsaw Pact nations.
Survivor Closeup by Jacklionheart

Downtown Manhattan, circa 1962


The destruction of USS Randolph was interpreted by the Secretary of Defence as an attack on the United States, however, President John F. Kennedy refused to believe the nuclear attack was approved by the Soviet central government. Trying to prevent a nuclear war, the UNSC called for an emergency session on the crisis but was reported to have unsatisfying results. Valerian Zorin, the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, at first refuse to meet Adlai Stevenson, the U.S Ambassador, as he believed that war was already occurring.

The final resolution was unclear, though recorded debates suggest the Soviet was willing to retreat from Cuba, the only recorded source of the conference was wired to the United Nations office in Ottawa, Canada and it did not show much information regarding the results.

White October Incident

The name "White October" was coined to describe the two thermonuclear explosion seen on 27 October by U.S military satellite, which generated a white flash and cloud when seen from space.

The initial report stated that the explosion has reached well into Jersey City, and entirely devastated New York. It was suspected that the entire 7.7 million resident of New York were either dead or severely effected at the time.


The incident triggered nuclear retaliation from the United States and NATO, causing retaliation from the Soviet Union, resulting in a nuclear war.

The towns and cities surrounding New York were later detected to have dangerous levels of radiation, recorded survivors of New York all were detected with severe genetic mutations (e.g tumors) and deformities in offspring.

The city of New York was later rebuilt by the Federation of North America and resettled, a memorial was built in the former Central Park.

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