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Timeline: Unknown Landmass (Map Game)
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The Whelse Tribe is a nomadic tribe that lives on Whelslund Isle. They speak Whelse. They are an un-united seafaring tribe. They live on the Whelse Isles, four islands in the North Sea. They live in small settlements, each ruled by a patriarch. several settlements make up a clan, and the clans are independent of one another. Clan Chiefs have very little power over the individual settlements. usually a clan head is also the patriarch of a settlement, so they are more concerned with their city than the entire region controlled by the clan. Clan Chiefs only exercise power when it is necessary.


7000 BC- because of too much competition, the Whelse people leave the east coast of the western continent, and begin migrating to the north.

6600 BC- Whelse people begin migrating to Whelselund Isle for unknown reasons.

6300 BC- Whelse people have migrated to the four Whelse Isles. They begin moving inland in search of food.

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