The Number #600 of Ultiman published around June 1988 (around the same date the First issue was published), was extremely significant for a large numbers of reasons: it was the 50-year anniversary issue as well as the last one to be published. Sequential (or comic book) art had been forbidden throughout New York State after many of them started to make anti-Giuliani commentary in their pages, Ultiman being merely the most notorious (as was the humor mag Mental). Issue 600 is considered a historic issue of rare quality, although it has been criticized for having put forward the anti-Giuliani viewpoint rather than the story at some points. Its writer is unknown as all the team kept their identities secret as it was published after the ban. Its cover is an updated version of the original cover of Action Comics #1 (with much subtle reference to the author's hatred of the ongoing Dictatorship). Some of the reader claim it have near prophetic comment on the future.


The story is sett in the future, having defeated every single of his enemies, Ultiman became fully his alter ego, Clark Kent and enjoys a quiet life with his wife. His powers seem to be fading away as he ages. He look back with nostalgia thinking he did good in his life as all super-powered threats were eliminated. But slowly he starts seeing New York transform itself in a dictatorial place(over a number of years). After many years, New York's population totally forgot Ultiman and the state has become a total dystopian dictatorship. Ultiman starts to think that there was one super villain he forgot to slay (Giuliani's name appear nowhere in the issue). Overcoming his doubts, he finally put back his costume back on only to discover that he's powerless. However he cleverly tricks the population into thinking he still have his powers and they start to revolt, but it is put down in a very gruesome massacre. Ultiman is imprisoned by the government and put in a cell (still assuming he have all his powers) and shipped to New England. The final comment of Ultiman that even if he never break from his chains, freedom shall and that no superhero can liberate a people, they must do it for themselves.

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