What if a communist revolution happened in Britain? Well, say the great depression hit Britain alott harder in the 1930s and rebels begin to fight against their leaders. This would cause civil war in 1932 in which 250,000 people died. With London now in ruins, Soviet-backed communists take over parliament in 1934 and lead the rebels to victory. The royal family flee to America while a Stalinist Type regime takes place in Britain and the UK is renamed the 'British Union (BU). The Nazis still take power in Germany but the civil war in Spain is won by the communists due to support from Britain and Russia. World War Two breaks out in 1938 with the Allies (USSR, BU, Spain, France) at war with the Axis (Germany, Italy) after Hitler conquers Austria and parts of Czechoslovakia. the Axis manage to conquer Poland,Czechoslovakia and Denmark but fail in their 1939 Blitzkrieg attack on western Europe fails due to a much more organised Allied army. The Soviet army advance from the East and takes Berlin while the western allies take western Germany and in late 1940 the Axis unconditianally surrender and communist governments are placed in Germany and Italy. Although France isntt communist it has close ties with the communist nations of Europe. With America never getting involved in WW2, it never becomes the superpower it is in our timeline and becomes a republican dictatorship in 1943 due the fear of communism. Similar to the Sino-Soviet split in 1960, in 1950 an Anglo-Soviet split takes place due to economic disagreements. A civil war breaks out in America in 1984 and still lasts to this day while their is a Cold War is happening between the BU, France, Spain and the still Stalinist regimes in Germany, Italy and the USSR which has lasted from 1950 to the modern day. While the western communist nations are moving away from communism the eastern communist nations are firmly Stalinist.

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