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What if..

If the USSR collapsed differently, Russia may be in a very different position now then modern times we live in currently at the time.


The year is 1991, the USSR falls, but needs to be split, They created many more states to shrink Russia in the east, west, south, and north. Russia seems to be smaller then it used to be. Only a few new states declare independence. And Russia doesn't have that much of power anymore. Russia has less nukes and has less people in its army, it turns out to be very weaker and smaller, yet protests happen but Russia is friendlier. It also has more trading, but less resources due to Siberia being independent, it is not even that much of a world power anymore, and so in the Big 5 is replaced by India. And in 2014, Crimea would never been invaded since Russia would have a weak economy. It would also not have much relations with China, due to no borders. It wouldn't have many oil due to Siberia being independent.


  • Siberia (Light Blue)
  • Tuvar Republic (Purple)
  • The Caucasian States (Dark Yellow)
  • Murmanskarelia (Light Purple)
  • Kaliningrad (Returned to Germany)

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