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(nice to see yall again)

If Stalin never existed..

In a world were Stalin never was the dictator of the Soviet Union, or even existing, the USSR would be in a much different position then in the past.

Leon Trotsky 2

Leon Trotsky in 1945

What would happen?

In the year of 1929, Stalin was dictator of the Soviet Union. But let's say that he died in the horse carriage accident (where his right hand was paralyzed in irl), not being dictator in 1929. Vladmir Lenin would already die due to him dying in 1924. But who would be dictator? Leon Trotsky. So, later on in WW2, USSR wouldn't be that strong as you think. When Operation Barbarossa appears, it will sorta be like the same thing, but Germany takes St.Petersburg, and the entire cacas. also Moscow and taking the europeon part of USSR. USSR has a ceasefire at this point. But later on when America joins, it helps the USSR. The USSR doesn't win the battle for berlin, so the others do instead. Basically, it doesn't occupy lands of no GDR, and the Rest of the eastern europe states are free. A cold war between US and USSR never occur. But USSR still has the baltic nations, so has moldova. A econimal cold war between China and US happen, no proxy wars occur and less blood is lost. The space race would be different, US would be in space first instead of the chinese, the chinese would go to space second though. The USSR's stability wouldn't be as long as it was in real life. It would be possibly a decade shorter or more. So let's say it collapses in the 1980's in this one. Also, there are no proxy wars, the Chinese and US economical cold war may still go on today, nuke tests wouldn't be all over the place.

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