This is if Germans never did Operation Barbarossa.

Made by SunnyKhan688/SunnyKhan6888

No Barbarossa

Imagine Germany not invading the USSR, but what would that lead to? Well, when germans attacked, the soviets were on the Allied side. But let's just say that the Germans never cared about USSR. But focused on the west instead.

What would happen?

If the axis won.

In WW2, if the germans never invaded. The Axis may have been victorius, but may not. So the germans, they would have focused on Britain for a bit, they would have done a second attempt to take over Britain, due to them becoming more stronger. The British are now worried, as they were surrounded by the Axis. Radar was used the first time. But Germans developed new weapons and got help by other axis powers. Germans would also help in Africa more. The Germans start to make sneak attacks in Scotland and also take over Ireland (or either forced it to join the axis), to invade more british territory. The brits would have been surrounded, but fought bravely for their commands and country. The British are now taken over. Now, the Axis focus on Germany, and Japan takes over Austrailia. The Chinese are now getting weaker by battle. The US seems to be one of the only allies fighting. Canada, US, Mexico, Brazil, and british african countries decide to work together to end this monster. But now that Europe's dominated by the Axis, they now invade Africa next. The Indians are still fighting with the Japanese and also helping the Chinese. In Africa, the Italians and Germans now expand south. Making it to DRC, they make a blockade around west africa also. They fight multiple sides in Africa, making great advancements. But they stop for a bit, due to US bringing ships to the Atlantic, the Germans decide to work on the Atlantic, letting Italy and other axis powers deal with Africa. Japan, now is taking many land from India and China, now it plans to take some land in the Arab World. In south america, The brazilians aid the americans up in the atlantic with full operations and targeting the nazis in africa. They were going OK for the time around. The americans are starting to run out of supplies, sooner or not, Nazis start to go on foot, on american soil. WIP

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