On 18 February 1516 King Henry VIII and Queen Catherine of Aragon celebrated the birth of twins, Mary, born first and then her younger brother Henry Arthur.

King Henry VIII orders 30 days of official celebration including a five day feast. At this feast Prince Henry is given the title Duke of Cornwall. He is christened into the Catholic faith (which is kept as the official religion of England - No reformation or dissolution of the monasteries).

Prince Henry is a strong child and takes after his father with a love of sports and in particular jousting.

King Henry and Queen Catherine have two more children, a daughter (Anne Elizabeth) born in 1518 and another son (Edward Henry) born 1520.

On 7 January 1536, Queen Catherine dies at Hampton court, King Henry VIII declares ten days of official morning for his great Queen. King Henry vowed never to marry again, a vow he kept until his death in 1547.

King Henry VIII is remembered as King Henry the Great as he brought great reforms in the justice system and rebuilt the navy to form the strongest force on the seas.

In 1558 King Henry IX successfully defends Calais against an attack from the French, after building forces in the area he invades inland in 1564 taking the majority of Normandy, Brittany, Champagne and parts of Flanders by the end of 1566.

In 1570 King Henry IX signs a peace treaty with King Charles IX of France. In the treaty Henry IX gives the area of Champagne back to the French. In return Charles IX signs an official Papal doctrine that all areas the English occupy (excluding the areas to be returned) shall remain part of England in perpetuity. this doctrine is undersigned by the Pope, making it legal and binding.

King Henry IX has four children, Prince Edward Henry (born 1541, dies 1589 - before the king), Prince Arthur Henry (born 1545), Princess Mary Elizabeth (born 1552) and Princess Catherine Jane (born 1572)

In 1588 King Henry IX defeats the Spanish Armada. In 1590 he signs a peace treaty with Spain, marrying his youngest daughter Catherine to the eldest son of Philip II of Spain, Prince Philip.

King Henry IX dies in 1598 at the age of 80, his only surviving son Prince Arthur Henry, at the age of 58 succeeds him as King Arthur I.

King Arthur I has two children, twins born in 1577, Prince Arthur Edward Philip and Princess Mary Catherine Anne.

King Arthur I reigns until 1612, his reign goes quietly with no major wars, King Arthur I focused on implementing parliamentary reforms, increasing trade with other European countries and the general well being of the populace, when he dies he is named King Arthur the Kind, his son Prince Arthur becomes King Arthur II at the age of 35.

King Arthur II has four children, Mary (born 1599), Henry James (born 1601), Edward Philip (born 1604) and James William (born 1609)

In 1615 King Arthur II begins building and advanced navy and begins training the first full time professional English army. After secret talks with his sister Catherine and her husband King Philip III of Spain, in June 1618, King Arthur II leads an invasion of France from two fronts, one from the English territories of Flanders, Brittany and Normandy, with King Philip III leading a force over the Pyrenees. The joint force completely destroys the army of the 17ye-ar old King Louis XIII in less than three months. The King himself is driven into exile on Corsica where he dies less than four years later (he has no children).

France new map

France divided, English - Blue, Spanish - Yellow

In 1616 the former Kingdom of France is divided between the two sides, everything south of a line that runs from the Atlantic coast north of the port of La Rochelle to Lyon and to the Mediterranean north of Nice (ATL Aquitaine, Langdouroc, Paca, Midi-Pyrenees, Limosin, Rhone-Alps and Auvergne) is given to Spain along with the Island of Corsica, everything else goes to England. To settle the peace further King Arthur's eldest daughter (Mary, born 1599) is married to King Philip's youngest son (Philip Juan, only ten at the time of marriage).

King Arthur II dies at the age of 74 in 1651, his son Crown Prince Henry James (born 1601) take the throne as King Henry X at the age of 50.

King Henry X has three children, James Edward Henry (born 1622), Catherine Mary (born 1625) and Arthur Edward (born 1631)

King Henry X begins colonisation of the Americas in 1655, five colonies are set up along the east coast. The largest is Called Jamestown set up on the Chesapeake Bay. Within five years the population of the American Colonies total over 7000 people, Prince Arthur Edward moves to the America's in 1662 and is named Crown Prince of America.

The Prince of Wales James Edward Henry died unexpectedly during a hunting trip in the Mountains of Wales in 1653 he is survived by two children Edward (born 1649) and James (born 1651)

When King Henry X dies in 1677 he is succeeded by his grandson Edward. King Edward VI is 28 at the time his succeeds the throne, he sets about expanding the American colonies north and south along the coast and inland towards the Appalachian Mountains. By the tenth year of his reign in 1687 the population of the Americas totals 24,000.

King Edward VI and his Uncle Prince Arthur Edward hold talks in 1695 about the future of the colonies in America. It is decided that all the colonies shall secede from the crown of England and become a commonwealth with Prince Arthur Edward as King Arthur I of America.