What Will You See?

Original LP Cover.

Studio album by Pink Floyd
Released 4 April 1982
Recorded October 1981 - March 1982
Genre Progressive rock
Length 55:47
Label Harvest, EMI
Producer Syd Barrett, David Gilmour, Bob Ezrin
Pink Floyd chronology
The Wall
What Will You See?
Two Utopic Lakes
1. "Upon The Air" (Gilmour, Barrett)
Released: 8 July 1982
2. "Without You" (Barrett)
Released: 9 July 1982

3. "Don't Need to Cry" (Wright, Gilmour)
Released: 16 July 1982

What Will You See? is the thirteenth studio album by the English progressive rock band Pink Floyd.

It was the first of two albums without the participation of Roger Waters, who left the band in July 1981.

The album had the leadership of Syd Barrett and David Gilmour, and was attended by Tony Levin in the bass guitar.

The album cover contains a Shines On photo.


What Will You See? It was the first album without the participation of Roger Waters, but much of the album was inspired by him. The first track from the album, "B.W.W.G.M." is an acronym for "Barrett, Waters, Wright, Gilmour and Mason."

Album songs like "Doing It," "Upon the Air" and "Piper" (the latter later incorporated in Visions as "The Misty") were played at shows along with The Wall songs.

The album also explores what would be an old world, and would kick the Pink Floyd to the early '70s, with the philosophical songs.


The album was entirely recorded in Abbey Road, which lasted six months with three sessions. The first sessions, the songs were recorded already played as the "Doing It" and "Upon The Air".

The second session, the songs were recorded "The New Philosophy," "Gaundlet" (working title for Why Can't You See?), "Overheating", "Cloudy" (Visions) and "The Mist" (Visions). His third and hardest session, were recorded "B.W.W.G.M.", "The Edge", "Visions", "Daisy", "Hopeless Tower" and "Without You".

Release & Reception

Track listing

Side One

No. Title Music Lead vocals Length
1. "B.W.W.G.M." Mason, Barrett Instrumental


2. "Doing It" Barrett Barrett 2:18
3. "Upon The Air" Gilmour, Barrett Gilmour, Barrett 6:10
4. "A New Philosophy" Barrett Gilmour, Barrett 5:01
5. "Why Can't You See?" Wright, Gilmour Gilmour 3:38
6. "Overheating" Gilmour Gilmour 3:59
7. "The Edge" Barrett Barrett 2:11
Total: 24:24

Side Two

No. Title Music Lead vocals Length


  • Part I: Cloudy
  • Part II: The Mist
  • Part III: Seven Clocks
  • Part IV: Myself
Gilmour, Barrett, Wright, Mason Gilmour, Wright, Barrett


2. "Daisy" Gilmour Gilmour 4:22
3. "New Tower" Wright Instrumental 5:56
4. "Without You" Barrett Barrett 7:28
Total: 31:23

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