Open For Adoption

This timeline is Open For Adoption, feel free to adopt and expand it.
For details see Adoption Policy

The Timelines:
Early Industry
For Florence!
Persian Europe
Carolingian Triumph
Not so fast!
Eastern Superpowers
Armenian Crusades
Celtic Superpower
Glorious Greece
Of Ancients and Empires
Age of Napoleon
The Great Victory
Rise of Gaul
A Shattered Existence
Reversed World
In Ancients lay Ourselves
Dominant Powers

What Never Was is a compilation of timelines involving timelines that the governments know about each other.


This timeline (compilation) is now a community timeline.Submit proposals on the talk page and say what timeline it is in!

The Extended Package:
Beaten Back
A New Caliphate!
Timurid Survival
Yet We Remain
French World
Temujin's Failure
A Changed World
A Glorious History
Celtic Cycle
The Russian Package:
Tsarist Russia
A New War
Russian Mongols
Communist Triumph

The Team

The following are people who work on multiple timelines.

A Note

Various WNS timelines are open and anybody can contribute.Although these are free edit,I reserve the right to change content if it is implausible.This is true of the following timelines:

A Note on ASBness

If something is ASB,post on the talk page of that timeline why it's ASB (Instability! and Pax Arabia don't count).ASB-Multiverses doesn't apply to this.

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