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What Might Have Been is a 2001 alternate history novel written by Freddy Appleberry. It depicts a world where the 1985 Texas presidential election swings in favor of the Know-Nothing Party and David Duke. Duke continues with the border wars, ultimately pushing through New Mexico, Arizona, all the way to California. Wanting to expand throughout the United States, Texas joined the Axis in World War III. By the end of it, the 'Republic' of Texas has become an empire with dominance over the Western Hemisphere.



ALT NotLAH 1990

North America in 1990

Alternate NotLAH

Map of the world in 2001, after the Third World War


  • Flag of the Confederate States of America (March 1861 – May 1861) Republic of Texas
    • Confederate Rebel Flag State of Arkansaw
    • California Lone Star Flag 1836 State of California
    • Flag of the Three Guarantees State of Coahuila
    • Flag of Texas State of Texas
    • Flag of Louisiana State of Louisiana
    • West Texas State of Mojave
    • Bonnieblue State of Oklahoma
  • US flag with 23 stars by Hellerick United States of America
  • Flag of Mexico (1823-1864, 1867-1968) Republic of Mexico (Texan vassal)

Nations destroyed