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What If? Is a collection of essays by eminent historians prospecting over how history may have diverged due to a change in time. It was published by Rupert Cohen in 1999.

Selected List of Essays

  • 1403: Fall of Hamburg
    • The city-state of Hamburg falls to the Kalmar Union
  • Ian McNelson Burns at the Stake, 1421
    • Is the Western Church dead?
  • The Chinese Discover the New World, 15th Century
    • I couldn't resist
  • If William of Hamburg Had Not Freed the Slaves
    • The results of no Medieval emancipation
  • If the Holy League had Dithered
    • Ottomans survive 1454
  • The Immolation of Charles of Castille
    • Tenochtitlan, 1520
  • If It had not Been Such a Dry Summer
    • The Holy City is captured by Yemen
  • Repulse of the Livonian Fireships
    • ​Pskov Armada triumphs, 1612
  • If James Had Not Left Whitehall, 1717
    • As a starter, no English Civil War
  • Charles of Hispania's Invasion of Borealia
    • Westminster takes a holiday, 1733
  • Ruler of the World
    • Charles of Hispania's missed opportunities
  • Chuck Wins at Buenos Aires
    • ​An empire persists in Osea
  • Unlikely Victory
    • Seven ways New Austria could have lost the Borealian Revolution
  • Lasuen's Gamble
    • ​Newburg dies in the Arcadian Revolution
  • What the Ice Wrought
    • ​Scandinavia's D-Day, 1811
  • If the Lost Order Wasn't Lost
    • Philip Cortex humbles the Hesperian League, 1852
  • A Confederate Cannae and Other Scenarios
    • How the Andean Civil War might have turned out differently
  • Guerrillas in the Amazon
    • The Osean War is truly endless
  • A Quagmire Avoided?
    • Mexeca's victory in Belize, 1887
  • Thanks,But No Cigar
    • Jacque Dechamp dies unexpectantly
  • No Angolan Station
    • A French Revolution without Dechamp?
  • China Without Tears
    • If Emperor Shun Ling hadn't gambled in 1894
  • Mary's Empire: Stillborn
    • The German Commonwealth falls apart
  • The General Prophet-President
    • Borealia's alliance with Germany, 1897
  • Murder at the Fair
    • ​Aaron Tollen captured, 1901
  • The Great War that Almost Was
    • The Grand Union's Allies honour their agreements to fight the communists, 1904.
  • What Ifs of 1908
    • The World War I that should never have been
  • Germany Looks the Other Way
    • ​The needless First World War
  • Triumph of the Illuminati
    • France and Rome strike a deal, 1908
  • The Borealian Invasion of Japan
    • The Congress of New Vienna ends neutrality, 1910
  • The Great War Leveled
    • ​The Weapon that could have ended the war for France in 1910
  • The Armistice of Desperation
    • The Caliphate challenges Rome
  • For Want of Sand
    • ​Germany Surrenders Australia, 1928
  • The War of 1928
    • Afognak fails to sway Frederick on the Australian Crisis
  • What a Sea Captain Wrought
    • Alfonso of Brazil perishes at sea, 1933
  • The Luck of Henry Brucke
    • Three might-have-not-beens on the road to the Presidency, 1938
  • Our Midway Disaster
    • Japan Springs a Trap, 1949
  • How Frederick Could Have Won the War
    • Germany saves India, 1952
  • D-Day Fails
    • Atomic Alternatives in Germany
  • Funeral in Hyderbad
    • World War III in Central Asia
  • The End
    • The Kuban Crisis ends in nuclear war

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