Westralian congressional election, 1880
All 100 seats in the National Assembly
50 required for a majority
All 50 seats in the Senate
25 required for a majority


5 February 1880 1885
First party Second party
TTMCross NUP-emblem
Party Democratic Labour National Unity
Seats won 6
Seats after 68

Largest before election
Largest after election

Elections were held throughout the Kingdom of Westralia on Friday, 5 February 1880 to determine the members of the 2nd Royal Congress. 100 seats in the National Assembly and 50 seats in the Senate were contested during this election.

The Democratic Labour Party won the majority of seats in both houses of Congress, with 68 seats in the National Assembly, and 32 in the Senate, an increase of 6 seats and 4 seats respectively. The National Unity Party won 31 seats in the National Assembly, and 18 in the Senate, also increasing in number, by 3 and 8 respectively. Minor parties such as the Miners' Union and Agrarian Party were eliminated entirely from Congress, while the Socialist Party was reduced to only one seat in the National Assembly, held by George Hummel of District 89. The DLP and NUP thus have established a duopoly in Congress. As the two largest parties, the DLP and NUP were given the right to nominate the two Ministerial candidates, who will face each other in the ministerial elections six months later, on 5 July 1880.

Incumbent Prime Minister and MNA for District 5, Harold Symons, was nominated for re-election by the Democratic Labour Party, while the National Unity Party nominated Julian Merlin of District 45, who has proven popular among the rural populace.