Westralian Sovereign
The One Sovereign coin, obverse and reverse, 1875
ISO 4217 code WSV
User(s) Kingdom of Westralia
Inflation 0.4%, July 1880.
1/100 Silver
Symbol §
Silver s
Nickname Quid
Plural sovereigns
Silver silvers
Freq. used 5s, 10s, 20s, 50s, §1, §2
Rarely used 1s, 2s,
Freq. used §5, §10, §20, §50, §100, §200, §500
Rarely used §1,000
Central bank Royal Reserve Bank of the Kingdom of Westralia
Printer Royal Reserve Bank of the Kingdom of Westralia
Mint Royal Mint

The Sovereign is the official currency of the Kingdom of Westralia. It is subdivided into 100 silvers.


Paper Series
Image Value colours Description Date of circulation
Front Back Front Back
WA-5Sov-note-1875 WA-5Sov-note-reverse-1875 §5 Pink National coat of arms — Coat of arms of Westralia and its Government. Congress Hall — The meeting house for the Royal Congress 1875 — present
WA-10Sov-note-1875 §10 Blue Alexander I — The first King of Westralia. 1875 — present
WA-20Sov-note-1875 §20 Red Captain Charles Fremantle — Commanding officer of the HMS Challenger in 1829, issued the formal proclamation of the Swan River Colony's foundation. 1875 — present
WA-50Sov-note-1875 §50 Orange Noongar Aboriginal — The native people of Westralia. 1875 — present
WA-100Sov-note-1875 §100 Olive Admiral Sir James Stirling — Founder of the Swan River Colony in 1829. 1875 — present
WA-200Sov-note-1875 §200 Yellow Great Swan emblem — Symbolises the Swan, the national bird of Westralia. The same design appears atop the Westralian Crown. 1875 — present
WA-500Sov-note-1875 §500 Purple Royal Coat of Arms — Coat of arms of the House of Swan-Orange-Nassau. 1875 — present
WA-1000Sov-note §1,000 Green Theodore, Prince of Swan — The first child of Alexander I, the inaugural Prince of Swan. Limited circulation began in 1877 to coincide with the Prince of Swan's investiture. 1877 — present


WAcoin-all The 1 sovereign coin, 1875 version

WAcoin-S2-all The 2 sovereign coin, 1875 version