Territoire du Thrace occidentale (French)
Western Thrace Territory (English)
Territorio di Tracia occidentale (Italian)

Timeline: Twilight of a New Era

OTL equivalent: Western Thrace
Flag of the League of Nations (No Napoleon)
Flag of LoN Mission
Independent Government of Western Thrace
Location of Western Thrace
(and largest city)
Komotini (Greek) / Gyumyurdzina (Bulgarian)
Other cities Xanthi (Greek) / Skecha (Bulgarian)
Greek and Bulgarian
  others French (Administrative usage) and Turkish
Secular state
  others Greek Orthodox, Bulgarian Orthodox and Muslim
Ethnic Groups
Greek and Bulgarian
  others Pomaks and Turks
Government Territory under League of Nations protection
High Commissioner
Area aprox. 8,600 km²
Population aprox. 224,000 
Established 1920
Independence from Kingdom of Bulgaria
Currency Greek drachma and Bulgarian lev

The Treaty of Neuilly established in Western Thrace, a former territory of Bulgaria, a demilitarized zone under the provisional administration of France, UK and Italy.

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