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Timeline of what would have happened if the Western Roman Empire never fell.

285 AD - The Roman Empire began to be administered by two separate Imperial courts, one in Rome and one in Constantinople.

346 AD - The Roman army passes a new military law, that to join the army one must have been born 170 miles within the borders of the Empire.

395 AD - The Western Roman Empire is at its greatest extent thanks to holding barbarians back at the borders.

434 AD - The Western Roman Empire crushes Attila The Hun's plans of invading Rome's northern provinces.

451 AD - The Empire expands into the once 'un-conquerable' lands of Germania, mostly Frisii and Suebi.

498 AD - Economic and population booms start across the Empire. Many previous citizens of the Western Roman Empire move back to Rome from Constantinople.

515 AD - The Western Roman Empire pushes and eventually border the Eastern Empire's eastern and northern borders.

561 AD - Tensions rise between the Western and Eastern courts.

593 AD - War breaks out between the East and West.

608 AD - The Western armies capture Constantinople. The East and West are reunited.

698 AD - The now reunited Roman Empire pushes it's borders as far east as Transoxania.

745 AD - Rome colonizes India and sets it's sight on China.

821 AD - Rome colonizes China.

904 AD - Rome colonizes Russia and dominates Eurasia.

? AD - God knows.

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