Western Roman Empire
Timeline: War of Leagues
OTL equivalent: Catholic League
.  BC 753 - Present
[[File:  |100px |alt=|Coat of arms of Western Roman Empire (War of Leagues)]]
Senatus Populusque Romanus (SPQR)
Unite Romans and Destroy Heretics!
[[File:  |250px |center |alt=|Location of Western Roman Empire (War of Leagues)]]
(and largest city)
Other cities Paris, Vienna
Official languages Latin
Regional Languages  
Demonym Romans
League Catholic League
Government Constitutional Imperial Monarchy
 -  Emperor Emmanuel I
 -   Consuls
Legislature Senate
 -  Partition of Roman Empire 395 AD 
 -  Western Roman Emperor persuades barbarians to be Catholics and form Western Christian Alliance (Also called "Miracle of God") 476 AD 
 -  Consolidation of the League 1054 AD 
 -  Total  634,208 km2 
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 -   2014 estimate  97,153,998 
Currency Catholicus

Western Roman Empire is a presiding state (primus inter pares) of Catholic League. Empire united barbarians of the west to believe in Catholicism, so Empire survived and had a strong ally. First, Empire and barbarians had tension in the league but after the Schism, they united and now they are brother-like countries. Also Empire itself is thriving with one of the highest civilization status. Its hegemony at Catholic League is de facto absolute in a sense that they are actual masterminds of the Papal colonies all around the world.


Situation was dire after the death of Theodosius I, when Honorius had to manage a past glory, which is now state of rumble. Despite many great generals' attempts to protect barbaric invasions, Roman state of the west was rooted by Barbaric tribes and finally in 476 AD, the Odacer was trying to abolish the title of Emperor of the West. However, Julius Nepos persuaded majority of Odacer's army and generals to be on his side, and sustained Empire's lifespan. Despite Odacer's admission to Nepos's nominal rule, Julius Nepos was threatened by Odacer in maintaining his throne. Julius Nepos spared Odacer's life using court intrigue. As Barbaric tribes heard of Odacer's death, Barbarians tried to invade Rome. With the support of Pope Julius, Nepos persuaded the Barbarians and formed Catholic League.

The act of establishing Catholic League started a war with the Romans in the Eastern Court for its somewhat illicit status in Roman Law, for no Emperor alone can pass a treaty that has a significance of an edict. With the support of Barbaric Tribes, Romans of the Western Court won the war and took Eastern Court's wealth as well as changing its emperor to the one that obeys to the Emperor in the West. This upset the Romans in the East and started a division between the Romans of the East and the West or between the Pope and the Ecumenical Patriarch.

The war gave funds to rebuild the infrastructure of the Western Roman Empire so that Western Roman Empire can later develop as the superpower of the Middle Ages.

Administrative divisions

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Geography by States

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Empire's constitution is often referred as uncodified. The constitution is a group of written documents, which includes laws, court case decisions, government proclamations. According to the law, Senate's law and court decisions are ultimate until unless changed by the next Senate or Emperor, except unchangeable laws (Imperator Consultum Ultimum/ICU).

According to the current set of laws, the Constitution, defines the Imperial government into three branches.

First branch is Legislative Branch. ICU orders that all legislative power to be vested in Emperor but performed by Senate, the vicar-body of Emperor. Senate's divine right is to construct laws, which are absolute unless the veto of Consuls or Imperial edits are present. Also, the legislature has absolute power over military and its actions.

Second branch is Executive Branch. ICU demands all executive power to be vested in Consuls, and Magistrates are the supporting body of the Consuls. Consuls are voted from each election with term of four years and it is prohibited for anyone to be elected twice or more in any cause. Consuls have influences in provincial governments, appointing the governors. Also, consuls are head of state and of government.

Third branch is Judicial Branch. ICU requests all judicial power to be vested in Supreme Court and the lower courts. Ultimate interpretation of law belongs to this organization and no officials can veto nor deny Court Decisions. Supreme Court has right to instigate a criminal, whomever they think is a suspect/

ICU informs that Imperial throne is of reigning not governing, ensuring domestic tranquility and national unity, by performing neutral position in the government. Also, the emperor can change laws to protect citizens' rights in reference to ICU under grant of his fellow citizens.


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