Western Roman Empire
Imperium Romanum Occidentale
Timeline: Centralized Empire
OTL equivalent: Western Roman Empire
.  BC 753 - Present
001Western Roman Empire Flag 01
|100px |alt=|Coat of arms of Western Roman Empire (Centralized Empire)]]
Senatus Populusque Romanus (SPQR; Official)
Imperium Sine Fine (Unofficial)
 Deus Trinitas sis defendit Patriam
God, the Trinity, please defend the Fatherland
|250px |center |alt=|Location of Western Roman Empire (Centralized Empire)]]
CapitalRome (Government)
Vienna (Imperial)
Largest city Rome
Other cities Vienna, Prague
Official languages Latin
Regional Languages German, Czech, Italian, Spanish, French, Greek
Ethnic groups  German: 20%, Austrian: 18%, Czech: 16%, French: 15%, Italian: 14%, Hispanic: 10%, Greek: 4%, etc: 3%
Demonym Roman
Religion  Roman Catholic
Government Constitutional Federal Semi-Democratic Semi-Republican Monarchy under the Emperor
 -  Emperor Michael I
 -  Royal House House of von Romanus
 -  Consuls Werner Faymen, Bohuslav Sobotca
Legislature Senate
 -  Upper house House of Patricians and Nobles
 -  Lower house House of Tribunes
 -  Romulus builds city of Rome 753 BC 
 -  Roman Republic is founded 509 BC 
 -   Roman Empire is founded by Augustus  16 January 27 BC\ 
 -  Total  519,869 km2 
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 -   2013 estimate 65,726,547 
Currency Solidus

Western Roman Empire is the longest existing nation that is lasting for 2767 years. Although right after AD 395, Western Roman Empire was in a deadly struggle against Barbaric forces, under Stilico and many great generals, Empire survived. For sake of safety, Empress Julia married to Clovis I, King of Franks, and secured her throne. Her marriage brought much controversy but Pope approved their marriage and prevented revolts. This leads to de facto Papal primacy over Western Roman Emperors. Later history of Middle Ages is fight between Papacy and Imperial Throne. After fall of Constantinople, Empire became only Roman Empire that was left. From that point on, Habsburgs had monopoly on Imperial throne, which was voted by Prince-Electors. Also, multiple events led Empire to be decentralized. Napoleonic Wars made Imperial borders limit only to Habsburgian Austria and Bohemia. However, Papacy asking for protection and latter wars restored Pax Romana with massive colonies taken from France and Spain. However, both World Wars struck Empire as a final blower and made Empire into current state.

Western Roman Empire has fifth largest economy in the whole world. As a former second world's largest colonial empire, Empire has second largest EEZ. Empire is a developed country, with very high standard of living, and one of the safest countries. Empire also was one of the founding member of EU and Observer State in NATO. Also, Empire is a traditional great power as one of the five permanent members of UN, and the final approver of European nation's legitimacy. For, security reasons, Empire has World's fifth largest military budget and third largest stockpile of nuclear weapons.


395 Crisis

After death of Theodosius I, the Roman Empire got split into half. Theodosius I's son Honorius is the master of the Western Roman Emperor. Due to horrible economy and army, barbaric tribes invaded and threatened the existence of the Empire. However, Stilico helped the Emperor and made sure that the Empire succeeds.

Administrative divisions

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Geography by States

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Western Roman Empire was always the center or near to the center of culture. Roman culture is the father of Western Culture itself. The ancient art culture still influences the architecture of the world such as US Capitol in Washington, DC, and many other governmental buildings. Also there are many artists of modern arts that opens the gate of new art style to the world.